Fixing Those Scratches On Bamboo Flooring

bamboo_floor_strandHomeowners spend a lot of time and effort upgrading the look and value of their homes by installing bamboo flooring. After all of that work, realizing that you may need to keep up with scratch repair can be frustrating. No matter what type of bamboo you’ve installed – whether its engineered, solid plank, or strand woven bamboo, fixing minor scratches and abrasions should be part of your annual maintenance schedule.

Depending on the type of bamboo you have in your home, you may have to do minor repairs more or less frequently. With strand bamboo flooring repairs will generally have to occur the least frequently. This is because the stranded bamboo is by far superior in terms of durability and resilience. Plank bamboo is generally the softest and least dense of the three major types available and will require the most frequent repair and maintenance.

No matter what type of bamboo flooring you have installed in your home, make sure to do a little research first. There are many products available on the market to fix scratches in wood floors, but not all of them are appropriate or safe for bamboo. Some may even discolor or ruin the surface of your floor. If you have any doubts as to whether or not a product is suitable, make sure you check with the manufacturer or the dealer that you purchased your bamboo floor from. They should be able to point you in the direction of recommended products to fix those annoying scratches.

As you continue to live and enjoy your floor, make sure to schedule that routine maintenance such as scratch repairs. This will help keep your floor durable and sturdy for years to come. After such a major investment of time and money, simple annual maintenance is all that is needed to keep you floor beautiful for decades to come.

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