The history of the Euro-Pro company

The EuroPro corporation is one of the oldest and most trusted names when it comes to home appliances. The company traces it roots back to a century old tradition of producing appliances that made cleaning and living in the creature comforts that all of us take as granted in today’s world easy. The company originated in Europe before moving to Canada and then finally setting up shop in Massachusetts in Boston. Like all family businesses at that time, the company moved its base along with the family or like some businessmen like to think, the family moved with the business. The business is headed by Mark Rosen, who is the current CEO of the Euro-Pro company as well as a member of the founding family that started the company itself and now he helps and works to guide the company in this new century.

The Shark steam cleaner range that has been brought about by Euro-Pro is one of the best things that have ever happened to the home cleaning and appliances market both in terms of product differentiation as well as innovation. The Shark steam mop has turned the idea that only larger companies like Eureka Forbes as well as Hoover have the research and development budgets to truly bring disruptive technology to the market on its head. The epitome of the Shark range of home cleaning appliances is the Shark Vac-Then-Steam which true to its name is the best single appliance that any household can have, with the convince of a mop and a vacuum cleaner built into one single appliance. Other than that of course there is the idea that you don’t have to keep mopping your home with detergents and abrasive solvents or keep dipping the mop in dirty water which is a very inefficient way to clean a home, wouldn’t you agree?

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