Save Money By Purchasing A Low Electricity Consumption Refrigerator!

refrigerator low energyHave you bought a new refrigerator for your kitchen in recent years? You can’t have a look at a handful of electrical appliances anymore without seeing energy star rating stickers on them. But what exactly do these mean?

When a refrigerator has an energy star rating, it means that it will use at least 20% less energy than your average non star rated fridge would. These types of fridges are constructed in such a way that they use energy more efficiently and produce less waste.

Many people will take notice of an energy sticker at the time of the purchase. But nobody really takes notice of them anymore a few years after they have made their purchase. But what was once considered to be energy efficient, isn’t energy efficient in the present.

Some people still have a really old fridge. Maybe more than twenty years old. Back in those days, it might have been energy star rated. Today, it wouldn’t stand a chance. You can save hundreds of bucks yearly by replacing it with a newer model.

When purchasing a new fridge, don’t automatically assume it will use less energy than your old refrigerator, just because it is built with newer technology. Nowadays, fridges have extra features such as ice dispensers. These are known to consume lots of power.

Another thing that influences the energy usage of a fridge, is how it is built. Many people these days want to have their fridge and their freezer side by side, or the freezer below the fridge. But this uses more energy than a fridge with the freezer at the top.

When you’ve got a really old fridge, it is worth measuring how much power it is using. In a lot of cases, an old fridge will cost you more to run than it will to replace it with a brand new, more energy efficient model.

Don’t ever postpone purchasing a new fridge until your old one is completely broken down. Fridges becomes less and less energy efficient over the years. Your old fridge will be very inefficient long before its lifespan runs out.

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