How to Make Your Bar Fridge Blend In

When it comes to small sized refrigerators, there are a lot of choices. There are some really nice ones out that you would be proud to show off out there, but there are also some pretty plain and ugly looking fridges as well. If you want a great looking refrigerator, you usually have to fork over quite a bit of cash for it. Some of the more expensive refrigerators have a bar fridge glass door that makes it look very stylish. If you want to get even more extravagant, you can get a refrigerator that has a wood panel on the front of it that makes it blend in with the cabinets surrounding it. These are called integrated refrigerators.

Refridgerator_FullThe expensive refrigerators look great, but they are also out of most people’s rice range. If this sounds like you, here is a way that you can either beautify your plain looking cheap refrigerator, or hide it out of sight completely. Cheap refrigerators pretty much always come in the same three colors: white, black, and silver. If you want a different color fridge, you are pretty much out of luck – unless you do it yourself. While most people would never consider doing this, it is actually quite simple to paint an appliance any color you want. The outside of these fridges is made plastic, and you can easily find spray paint designed for painting plastic. Make sure you put masking tape over the handle and any parts that you don’t want painted first, and then spray away until you are satisfied. This works really well if your kitchen or bar is a certain color and you want your mini refrigerator to match it.

Of course, you can do this with pretty much any appliance that you have. Why not have bright yellow General Electric coffee maker or a purple paper towel rack. Remember, just because the appliance or accessory came that color, doesn’t mean it has to stay like that. A final word of caution: Don’t paint anything that gets hot on the outside, or it can create toxic paint fumes.

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