Breville Panini Sandwich Press for the Kitchen

brevilleThere are many different kinds of toasted sandwich makers on the market today. This article will discuss those made by the company Breville. In Australia the word Breville is synonymous with toasted sandwich. They are well known for making high quality kitchenware that both looks good and has a sturdy design. Their toasted sandwich makers are no different. They are great devices to have in the kitchen and as the look good will likely satisfy the style conscious. A Breville panini sandwich press is similar to normal toasted sandwich makers that you may be familiar with. However instead of only being able to toast up standard square cut loaves of bread, these machines are much more versatile. They can make a hot toastie out of pretty much any kind of bread that you care to use.  Not only that but they can also be used for cooking a wide variety of foods including eggs and pancakes.

Breville sandwich makers have two hot plates. One on the top and the other on the bottom. The bottom plate is flat while to top plate is ribbed. This means that your food will cook quickly and evenly courtesy of the bottom plate and it will also have grill marks courtesy of the top ribbed plate. This gives your sandwiches an authentic panini atmosphere. Other features of these machines is that they have a variety of different height settings. Therefore you are able to set the height depending upon the type of hot sandwich you are planning on making.  Further the hot plates are covered with a special non-stick material which makes cooking and cleaning easy.

These machines are surprisingly cheap. You can find certain panini presses for under $100. For example the Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo is the cheapest model in their range but has all the features you would really need of a toasted sandwich machine for home use. The fact that the unit is so reasonably priced means that over time it is actually possible to save money. By purchasing your own ingredients and making home made food savings can be made over eating out. Not only this but you are able to select your own ingredients which may be good for those on a diet. If you enjoy eating bread, a Breville panini sandwich press is the sort of machine that can really liven up your diet.

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