An Outdoor Kitchen A Great Addition To Any Home

outdoor kitchenAn outdoor patio kitchen is a great way to get the maximum use from your outdoor space. The size and extent of your outdoor patio kitchen will depend upon your needs, wants and budget.

Ideally, you will need: a gas grill, a sink, and a refrigeration system. They can be purchased separately, or as one large unit. If purchased separately, you may want to give it a built in look by enclosing it with a non-flammable, weather resistant material like brick, marble, or granite. You can place a counter-top across the top. This could be made of stainless steel, marble, or granite. Wood may not be the best choice if it will be exposed to the elements, unless it is treated. Outdoor kitchen cabinets can also be added for storage of plates, glasses, utensils, and cookware.

A more elaborate set-up can include such things as: a fire pit, a patio heater, a rotisserie, an outdoor TV, or a stereo system. If you do have an outdoor TV or a stereo system, be sure it is protected from the elements with cabinet doors. A table with chairs, or a bar with chairs, will be needed for outdoor dining. You may want some overhead lighting, spotlights, or tiki torches so you can see after dark.

Before you go shopping, make a plan and a budget, because once you get to the store or start looking on line, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices, and you can very quickly blow your budget. Create a floor plan, just as you would for a room inside your house. This way you will know how much square footage you will have, and how large you can go with you items. Create a budget for the entire project and then break it down into how much you would like to spend on each item.

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