You Can Benefit from Fluorescent Light Fixtures

If thinking of fluorescent light fixtures makes you think of hospitals and office buildings, that’s because they use special fixtures designed just for fluorescent bulbs. These are practical for them because even though the fixtures are expensive and require special wiring, they save money and time by choosing them. The bulbs cost more but need to be replaced far less frequently than incandescent bulbs and so the fixtures pay for themselves over time.

These types of light fixtures aren’t practical for homes because of the extra cost and wiring. Also, many people don’t enjoy the quality of fluorescent light at all. The bulbs tend to flicker and cause headaches and agitation in some people who are very sensitive to it even if the flickering is so subtle that it’s hard to see with the naked eye. People with autism often can’t tolerate fluorescent lighting, for instance. And the light is a blue light which isn’t flattering, so many people find it unpleasant.

But compact fluorescent light fixtures are a great alternative for homeowners. You don’t really need special fixtures at all, as complex fluorescent bulbs can be screwed into any light fixture just like an ordinary incandescent light bulb. The quality of the light is much less blue than standard fluorescent bulbs and seems about the same as the white light you find in regular bulbs. They still tend to flicker, especially right before they go out, but they flicker much less often than standard bulbs. People who are very sensitive to the flickering like people with autism might still find compact fluorescent bulbs unpleasant, so if you or someone in your home is sensitive to that, try one bulb before you purchase several.

Compact fluorescent bulbs do cost more than regular light bulbs but the last several times longer and use less energy, so you’ll save money on replacement bulbs and on your electric bill.

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