Why I Don’t Like The Sectional Sofa

sectional_sofa_kh2Sectional sofas are nothing more than a series of cheap furniture that are pieced together into a super piece of cheap furniture. You can arrange them all you want, but you just won’t be able to make it look good. It is just another step to the ruining of the home by placing more effort around the altar of the television.

The biggest real problem I have with the sectional sofa is the sectional part. No matter what I do the pieces seem to slowly separate over time. Then one day I jump on my couch and bam!, my tailbone is in the gap and I’m grumpy for the rest of the day. When I had hardwood floors it was not even a slow spread. You could jump on the couch and have the end piece just go sliding off. I know I shouldn’t be jumping on the couch in the first place, but I really like to do it.

The next issue I see is the sections never seem to have the same integrity that the whole couches have. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the ends to lock the piece into one solid unit, but the sectional sofas seem to tear, break, and generally degrade over time while my grandmother still has the first couch she ever bought. They always have a cheap IKEA appearance to them which won’t look good with any quality furniture you have in your room either.

The last issue I have is if you have a major stain, tear, or just generally fading on one of the sections of your sectional you have to reupholster the whole sectional couch. It just looks really tacky to have one piece have a different appearance. Your only other reasonable choice is to shrink the sectional down, but who wants a smaller couch? Of course there is always the wife’s option which is to just go out and buy a whole new sectional couch for the living room. Yeah, that’s something I really want to do every few years.

As you can tell the sectional sofa just isn’t for me. Perhaps if you had a bigger family you would enjoy it more. People of larger stature might see more appeal in it as well. For me I will stick with more traditional furniture that will be around long enough for my grandchildren to ask why I keep plastic on it. If you’re really interested in sectional sofas there are plenty of less biased articles on the internet like.

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