Versatile Twin Bed Furniture

Twin bed furniture proves the most versatile sleeping arrangements for any bedroom. The two beds can be arranged in a number of ways, depending on the size of the room and the intimacy of the occupants. They can be placed close together with just enough room between them to make up the bed, as long as the people in the room get along. For those that need to be a little further apart, the beds can be placed parallel with the heads or feet at the same end. If that allows the room occupants to still be too close, switch one bed so they are head to foot.

Twin beds can also be placed with one lengthwise on a room wall and one with its head against the same or another wall. If there is only one person regularly occupying the room, or the two occupants get along, an L shape arrangement in a corner can maximize the floor space available and provide couch-like seating during the day with the addition of some bolster pillows.

If you plan ahead and get twin bed frames that will allow a trundle bed, you can have space for four people to sleep as long as two of them have good knees. Having a trundle bed under each twin bed will limit the arrangement of the furniture since there must be room to pull the trundle bed out, but the extra sleeping places may make that worthwhile. If not used for sleeping, the trundle bed frame can provide a long, wide storage area for items with at least on narrow dimension.

Get twin beds and let the room occupant(s) experiment with furniture placement. The only people who won’t be happy with this bedroom furniture are couples or really tall people who need more than seventy-five inches of bed.

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