The Rise of the Bed Rest Pillow

If you’re not too sure what a bed rest pillow looks like, or why people buy them, this article can help you.

Many such pillows are for orthopedic usage. Their shape and size will depend largely on what exactly they are meant to achieve. There are full length body pillows, almost as long as an average human; special pregnancy pillows for expecting mothers to cuddle up to; pillows designed specifically to support the neck; and wedge pillows, which are triangular in shape and provide an inclined slope for the upper body to rest against.

The common thread of these cushions is that they provide support for an area of the body. Some of them, like the wedge pillow, can be used for other purposes like assisting reading in bed. The body pillow might be bought merely for decorative purposes, as a design accessory for the bedroom.

Generally speaking though, it is people who have trouble sleeping because of a complaint to one or more areas of their body. For example, the wedge pillow will be used by people to prevent snoring, ease back or neck pain, or assist those with acid reflux with sleeping in a more upright position to alleviate the symptoms of their condition.

Most modern bedding centers will feature these pillows now. Cases are usually sold separately. The best savings will be made by buying online and there are many sites that specialize in this.

A lot of the orthopedic pillows will be made from memory foam, which has become a common material used in bedding supplies now. It is a very versatile choice of filling because most people find that it takes the shape of their body very easily and will return to its former shape when the weight is taken off. Being resistant to heat it also allows for a cool night’s sleep, even in the middle of summer.

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