The Many Faces of the Classic Tub Chair

The design of the tub chair is one that has been around for several decades because it is a comfortable type of chair for sitting in. The most common style will have the arms as extensions from the curved back section so the entire chair seems to envelop the person sitting in it. Most of these tub chairs will be fully padded along the back, seat and arm sections to provide the maximum in comfort. Depending on the particular manufacturer of the chair the seat section may come as a solid piece attached to the base frame or as a separate cushion that is removable.

When browsing the styles available for this chair design you will see two different models. There is the basic stationary chair that comes with four feet on the bottom and the swivel tub chairs. The swivel models have the chair set on a short pedestal that connects to a round base. The mechanism where the pedestal attaches to the chair allows it to rotate or swivel from side to side. Some of these designs are made in a more contemporary style than the stationary chairs. The swivel pedestal can be made of chrome with the chair in a contrasting vibrant color such as bright blue.

There is a stationary style that comes on a pedestal that is created as a retro sixties design with the entire chair made out of molded plastic. Placing a seat cushion on this particular chair will help make it more comfortable to sit in. The classic tub designs can use cloth fabric as the outer surface material or leather. The leather tub chairs are available in smooth grain leather in colors of black, tan and white. The leather chair has a very elegant and distinctive look to it that works well in both a casual or formal setting.

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