Stoneware Jug: Beautiful Addition To Any Home

The history of a stoneware jug goes back many years. In fact, these items were found in basically in each and every household one point in time. Such items were used for many reasons, from making wines and spirits, to transporting water to and from the well. Since the art of making a stoneware jug has been in its decline, it’s rare to find such items in a department store.

Though, popularity is arising, and people are starting to notice the beauty and uniqueness of such item. Because of this, they definitely have a place in decorating ones home. If you do decide to purchase an antique stoneware jug, they can be great to use as a centerpiece at the dinner-table, or a unique table feature outside on the patio. It will definitely be the center of attention with anyone who comes into your home.

The pricing of a stoneware jug can vary quite a lot. You can find one for a little as $15 for a generic, replica stoneware jug. Or you can find these items as high as a few hundred dollars for an antique and original one. It’s condition, if it’s chipped or cracked can play a huge part in the pricing of such items. A few more factors to consider is whether or not it’s a replica or and original, and if you decide to purchase one from your local department store or at an auction/estate sale.

Finding these pieces of art can be quite easy if you know where to look. Doing a quick search on the internet will help you guide your way to owning one. You can find a beautiful old stoneware jug at your local auction site, estate sales and even at an antique dealer. When looking for a stoneware jug, you have to consider the size of one. They can be as little as nine-inches, to as large as thirty-inches. Usually the larger the size of the item, the more unique and useful it is. There’s no problem finding one in the color you want. Red, yellow, blue or brown; your guaranteed to find one that will match the style of your home.

It’s safe to say that a stoneware jug is an investment that you would be proud of. They’re versatile, unique and a great addition to any home.

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