Ottoman Trays for Every Cocktail Ottoman

ottoman trayBecause of their versatility, cocktail ottomans are more popular than ever and can be found in a large proportion of homes everywhere. Ottomans make terrific footrests. They also make for quick and easy extra seating and when equipped with either built-in or topped with ottoman trays, they also make excellent coffee tables.

When choosing the right cocktail ottoman it’s important to decide on the material, size and shape and of course, whether or not it has a storage area, shelf area or is a solid piece. The storage ottoman normally contains an ottoman tray that is attached under part or all of the ottoman lid. If a non-tray-attached design is chosen, then it’s important to purchase an ottoman tray that can provide a steady and sturdy surface for drinks and other items.

The great thing about unattached ottoman trays is that they themselves are quite versatile and when not in use as a tabletop, can be used to serve drinks or as a sofa top tray to hold a bowl of chips or other snacks on TV nights.

Ottoman trays are created in every imaginable size, style, shape and are made from a wide variety of materials. These fabulously functional ottoman accessories are designed for every home’s décor from retro-modern to Art Deco and traditional styles. Look for fun and funky bold graphics as well as subdued leather and even clear, etched and colored glass designs.  Depending on preference, ottoman trays can be either a focal point of the ottoman or if desired, can blend in with, or even be concealed by the ottoman lid.

Ottoman trays truly are the most important gift you can buy for your cocktail ottoman and since no ottoman should be without one, start your shopping online for the greatest selection and excellent pricing options.


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