Mother and Baby Gifts – the Pregnancy Body Pillow

Mothers-to-be appreciate thoughtful gifts, just like most women. A pregnancy body pillow will end up being a welcome present for mother and baby if it ensures decent nights’ rest that help to maintain the health of both.

We sleep for roughly one third of our lives and few times in our lives is this more important than when we are bringing a new life into the world. The health of the mother, through good diet and adequate rest , is passed on to the baby, so it represents a time when we need to be serious about looking after ourselves.

Photo By: Cameron Nordholm

Body pillows are long cushions, roughly the length of a typical female body that can be used as an addition to normal pillows to enhance a night’s sleep. During pregnancy the female body is exposed to stresses and strains that are not normally present so it is useful to have some help to ease the aches and pains associated with this.

When placed between the legs the full length cushions can relieve aching hips and spines, or take the pressure off the pelvic area. Restless movement is not conducive to sleeping well, so anything that restricts the number of times we turn in our sleep will help.

A body pillow will be especially welcome if there are times when the pregnant mother has to sleep alone, because her partner is away on business. At these times the pillow provides something to cuddle up to in the night and create a sense of well being and security.

So if you know someone who is expecting and want to put a smile on her face, you could do a lot worse than scout around a few of the online bedding sites and find a nice, soft, feathery body pillow to give to her next time you meet or even have delivered to her door.

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