Metal Candle Holders for a Variety of Decorating Styles

No matter what style or decor in your home, there is a metal candle holder to accentuate any room and add a bit of romantic ambiance. There are different sizes to accommodate large pillars or to display several smaller tea lights. Some items can be mounted on the wall or sconces that provide additional design elements.

Some metal holders display multiple votives or tea lights in a row. Others are designed in a spiral, to provide a multilevel effect.  A black metal piece designed in a favorite shape that holds a single tea light will create an interesting image. If allowed to shine directly toward a wall with no obstructions, the image can often be viewed as a shadow.

A metal wall device can display many or a single candle, such as with a sconce. There are products made of wrought iron that include scrolling or intricate designs and patterns, for a more elegant look. They look good in rooms with more traditional decor such as a formal living room or dining area.

For large candles, a metal pillar candle stand can be simply designed as a round plate, just large enough to allow for dripping wax. Other options include metal plates of various shapes that provide ample room for the pillar, as well as some decorative stones, shells or other items of interest. Items creatively displayed like this become as much a decorative centerpiece when not lit, as when the flames are glowing.

For a larger pillar or decorative light, a metal floor candle holder of three or four legs can become an integral part of the furniture in a room. Many are made of wrought iron with the typical intricate designs. Some contain glass bowls at the top for the pillar. A metal lantern candle holder that sits on the floor is a unique way to add interest to a room.

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