Installing a Shower Screen in The Bathroom

When it comes to keeping water off bathroom floors, shower screens are incomparable. The solid seal around the hardware prevents water from seeping beneath the frame. In addition, these screens are installed with a permanent grout seal around the base of the frame and on both sides for further prevention of leaks.

Styles and Designs Renew A Bathroom Decor:
Fortunately, there are as many styles and designs for shower screens as there are shapes. Some are beveled with a curved top. Others are straight aligned and have embellished designs to suit any taste. Cleaning is relatively easy. One tip is to make certain that after each shower, the track into which the screen fits is thoroughly dry to avoid any residue buildup generated by standing water streams in the tracks. Cleaning the track is accomplished with a narrow brush or soft absorbent cloth that has been dampened with a cleaner. Then, simply wipe dry with another clean cloth. It is also important to take care of the shower screen seal at the bottom of the screen with regular cleaning and removing any limescale. The screen seal is important for keeping water off the surfaces and floor of the bathroom.

Screen Materials:
The materials from which these screens are made are tempered glass which is heavier in weight or poly vinyls which are lighter in weight. Both are easy to clean and maintain. The difference between the two often has to do with the types of chemicals in the shower water. As an example, the heavier content of iron in the water, the more residue buildup is likely on both types of materials.

Frosted Screens or Clear?:
For standard showers, the screen may be frosted for privacy or clear as desired by the buyer. Some have lovely detailing etched into the glass or poly screen. Certain screens are built exclusively for a shower stall rather than a shower/tub combination. The screens for these are usually much longer depending on the size and length of the shower stall. Many of these are also curved in sections to create a dimensional appearance. They are a space saver in small bathrooms. It’s important to take accurate measurements before purchasing a screen. For those attached to tubs, you’ll need to know width, height and length of track needed. Track is usually sold in the complete screen package.


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    Hey guys, where do you buy some of the best bathroom decors?*:`

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    Usually you can pick them up from places like Home Depot or Lowes. They have a nice selection there. Actually, it is really easy to pick up bathroom decor items almost anywhere, depending on how much you want to pay of course. There’s also a pretty good selection online at Amazon for example, or online bathroom accessories shops.

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    We have had several clients who do not like the door style option that most stand up shower have. If youre in this boat, be certain the lip of your shower is tall enough to accomidate the shower curtains tail so you do not have leakage.

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