How To Choose Basswood Blinds To Suit Your Needs

When choosing window blinds you want to make sure that they match the decor of the room or the rest of the house. Most people opt for the cheap metallic ones, which are better suited for the cold decor of an office building rather than a cozy welcoming home. The best choice for blinds for a standard home are basswood blinds. They are light in color, light in weight and they come in a variety of finishes. They are also quite warp resistant. Cheap wooden blinds can often warp and crack because of too much sunlight and heat.

There the finishes that you can choose from are: lacquered, painter, oiled, stained and no finish (that means the wood is only sanded and there is no coating). Lacquered wooden blinds are coated with a thin film of lacquer which protects the wood and gives it a shiny finish (although there are matte lacquers available). Lacquer makes the wooden blinds better suited for kitchens, because in kitchens grease is always a problem and unprotected wood can soak up the grease and it makes the blinds sticky and smelly. Painted wooden blinds also work in the kitchen. They can be easily cleaned with a damp terry cloth towel or you can even use a mild detergent.

Oiled wooden blinds are treated with vegetable oil or a synthetic oil. The oil has two properties. It protects the wood from drying, warping and cracking and at the same time it gives the wood a darker matte finish. The wood can also be stained. Stain is basically a color that soaks into the wood and makes the wood look different. So you can have basswood blinds that have the color of an oak for example. If you already have blinds with no finish, you can painted, stain or oil them yourself. It is an easy task that takes an afternoon and can totally change the look of your room.

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