Guide to King Waterbed Sheets

King waterbed sheets come in a variety of materials including cotton, cotton blends, silk or satin. Waterbed mattresses are generally designed differently than normal mattresses, are slightly longer, and most waterbeds need a specific set of sheets.

Because the special design can make them slightly more expensive than normal sheets, it is important to buy high quality sheets so they will last a long time. Do some research before buying your sheets using a waterbed sheets finder to find the perfect material, size and color. A waterbed sheet set usually includes a fitted sheet for the mattress and a flat top sheet. These are often attached together by a seam at the bottom end to make sure the sheet stays in its place even if you move around the bed a lot at night.

One of the highest quality materials is Egyptian cotton. The quality of cotton is easy to determine from its thread count, and a high thread count means a higher quality fabric that also feels better against the skin. A standard count is around 200 to 250 and this should be the minimum to look for if you want comfortable sheets. Egyptian cotton usually has a thread count starting from 400, and a 600 count guarantees a smooth fabric and very high quality. Cotton breathes well and feels comfortable in all kinds of weather, and most people even with sensitive skin find the natural cottons to be comfortable and safe to use.

Cotton can be blended with other materials including cheaper synthetics, such as polyester, or natural materials such as the exotic sounding bamboo. Synthetic blends are usually easy to take care of, do not wrinkle easily and are also cheaper than the better quality natural materials. For more luxury, try silk sheets: they are surprisingly comfortable, and many people who have tried them never go back to the cheaper materials. Flannel sheets are also great to use during the colder winter months.

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