Choosing The Right Fire Grate

The traditional way of providing heat to the home is through having a fireplace. Having a fireplace can sometimes be dirty due to the ashes, and fire and heat cannot be controlled that well. For a fireplace to work efficiently, you need a fire grate.

Fire grates hold the wood off the floor, allowing the air to circulate underneath for proper and safe burning of the wood. Fire grates keep the fire under control and burning efficiently with less intervention from you. It would simply mean you can enjoy the heat and the pleasures of a fire more often with less work. Having a fire grate, your fireplace floor will last longer since they are not exposed to extreme temperature as they would be if the wood and fire is directly on the floor.

Fire grates are mostly made of iron, though you may still find grates that are made of wrought iron, welded steel or stainless steel.

There are different types and sizes of fire grate. You can choose a fire grate that is purely functional or that serves as a decorative piece. A fire grate can be small or large; others are expandable so that the size can be adjusted. You could also choose a self-feeding grate, grate with ember bed, or a fire grate with non-tapered sides. A self feeding grate is designed to have the sides sloped towards the middle. As the middle logs burned, logs placed on the side rolled together in the middle, keeping the fire burning. A grate with ember bed keeps ashes from falling to the floor of your fireplace. This allows fire to burn longer and more efficiently. A fire grate with non-tapered sides is best for fireplaces that have the same width front and back.

Choosing the right fireplace grate strongly depends on how often you use your fireplace and the size of the logs being burned. A grate with thicker bars is optimal for fireplaces that are often used. Otherwise, a grate with thinner bars will do. However, if you are burning larger logs, a grate with a deeper contours would be perfect for your fireplace. Nevertheless, it would be best to measure the width and the depth of your fireplace to make sure your grate fits perfectly.

Whatever the designs and size of a fire grate, as long as it is of high quality steel-bar grate, it sure comes with a lifetime warranty – ensuring you of many years of enjoyment from your fireplace.

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