Examples of Atlanta Carpet Types

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when looking for a new carpet for your Atlanta home is which type to buy. Carpet Atlanta stores have many different styles available so choosing the right one is important. Aside from the most common types of carpet such as the loop and plush carpets there are others that you may want to consider. Here are several examples.

Saxony Carpets – Saxony carpets are made by twisting fibres together to create a texture that’s soft on the feat. The downside to Saxony carpets is that footmarks show up very easily so they aren’t suitable for areas that get a lot of traffic. They’re perfect for rooms that are used for entertaining though. You can also by textured Saxony carpets which are much better for covering up footprints and other marks.

Cut Pile – Loop carpets are created using loops that are uncut. On the other hand, cut pile carpets use loops that are cut to make them durable and more difficult to stamp down. Cut pile carpets are one of the most popular types available because of their versatility. You can use them in a wide range of different rooms and designs.

Frieze Carpet – A frieze carpet is made by twisting the fibres much more tightly than in other types. This makes it very durable but also not the most stylish type available. If you’re looking for a carpet that won’t wear down easily then a frieze is definitely one that you should consider. However, it’s probably not the best type if you’re looking to decorate a room for guests.

As you can tell, each type of carpet has its own benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to know and understand these before making a decision. Carpets can be expensive so you don’t want to make a mistake when buying one.

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