Economize Bathroom space with a Corner Bathtub Shower

As people rebuild their homes to adjust to the modern lifestyle, more often than not, practicality comes before luxury. Who needs bathtubs anyway, when you could easily take a shower in an enclosed corner bathtub shower stall.

Nowadays, there is not even a shower stall to speak of as the shower faucet is integrated into a wall. But the casing is still essential otherwise water would scatter all over every time you take a bath. But as a compromise, corner baths have become as compact as humanely possible to fit into the homes.

It is no surprise that people find a bathtub a luxury, or it is probably something that they just get to avail of in a hotel or huge houses. However, even with a small space, you can also integrate a bathtub for yourself. Simply place it where your shower is to be located. And instead of stepping on a bare floor, you can stand on the bath tub.

If your concern is that the space is too limited to even lie in at your back to stretch comfortably, then there are now what is known as walk-in bathtubs. These are dug deeper than your regular bathtubs which mean you can stretch a bit vertically-inclined in order to submerge yourself in water. You may not be able to lay flat in your back, but at least you would be able to take a dip into your bubble bath as you would in a small swimming pool.

A door is placed on the sides for easy access. Of course you have to decide early on whether you wanted a bathtub and a shower in one before planning your lay-out. Having a corner shower does not mean it has to be equal in both sides, one can side can have a bigger length than the other.

Don’t hesitate on having a corner bathtub shower because you are hitting two birds with one stone. You have the convenience of having a shower, and you have the luxury of having a bathtub when you need it. You are even doing yourself a favor because this means your shower space is wider to make room for your tub.

To further maximize the space, you can opt to have corner baths with doors that could slide on both sides. This saves you from bumping into the wrong side of the shower or having to struggle to get to the other side.

Small and shared bathrooms would find it very convenient as they can go in and out of the shower without bothering the other person in the room to get out of the way.

A small bathroom is not a problem anymore thanks to the ingenious design of integrating two products in one, with now more options.

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