Drop Leaf Breakfast Table

I am sure that most people are familiar with the concept of table leaves. They are extra pieces of table that you can add to make the surface larger. It is most common for the leaves to be added in the middle of the table by pulling apart the two ends and placing the extra pieces in the center. However, there is a style of table leaf that does not work that way. The drop leaf is a section of table that drops down on one end. It can either fall ninety degrees and hang beside the table or fold up underneath a full one hundred and eighty degrees. The ninety degree is more poplar in the breakfast nook.

Because breakfast nooks are usually not large rooms, there typically is not room to add extra leaves to the breakfast table. Most families buy the largest table that they can fit into the space and there just is not room for extra chairs or extra table area. On the other hand, it may be possible to flip up an end and make the breakfast nook area extend into the kitchen more than would be comfortable permanently, but enough to add a few extra people to the table for special occasions.

However, the most common drop leaf breakfast table is a small cart that folds up into a table just large enough for two people. The cart is usually on wheels and can roll into a corner or against a wall when not in use. This style of breakfast table is good for apartments or any home that does not have much extra space in the kitchen. When you roll the cart away from the wall, a semicircle table leaf folds up to make a small eating space. There is usually room under the cart top for two stools to be stored when you are not using the drop leaf cart for eating.

A great benefit of this kind of breakfast table is that it can double as a serving cart for parties or gatherings. It is great to get more than one use out of any piece of furniture or equipment in your home.

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