Door Furniture for your Home

Your door – it will come as no surprise – is the entrance way to your home and as such it has to give the right impression to guests and other visitors to your home. It is after all the first thing that people will come in to contact with when visiting your home, so it has to give the right impression. Not only though does it have to give the right impression it also needs to be functional.

What do I mean by door furniture though?

Door furniture is anything that fits to your doors, so it could be ornate hinges, it could be a door knocker or it could be a letter box. This is just a small example of the type of the furniture that you can get for your doors and there are different types of furniture depending on where the door is – for example interior or exterior. Door furniture for an interior door would include knobs, handles and even if it were a commercial interior door the spy holes that you see in many hotel doors.

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture for your door through has to be the door knocker. Whether it is a wrought iron door knocker or brass the door knocker is a visitors first –literal – point of contact with your home and as such it has to create the right impression. If you were to think about it for a minute how would it feel id you were to knock on someone’s door with a flimsy little door knocker that makes a tiny tap tap tap noise? We’ve all used door knockers like that and they’re not great – inevitable you end up wrapping your knuckles on the door trying to get the occupants attention. If you were to walk up to the same house and use a heavy wrought iron door knocker though, your impressions would be really quite different.

Some people would argue that you can skip this step altogether and just by a door bell, but I still argue the point that there is a certain charm about using a door knocker that is unachievable by using an electronic method. By using a door knocker there will be no batteries to fail, it’ll still work in a power cut and it is on the whole a far more reliable method of letting you know that there is someone at your door.

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