Choosing A Shag Rug For Your Home

Shag rugs were very popular during the 70s. They are gaining popularity these days and are making a dynamic comeback in home decoration. They are very special because of their very nature. Unlike other area rugs, they are thick and puffy which feels very soft under your feet. Once you step on these rugs you will not want to use other kinds of rugs. Such is the feeling and coziness imparted by these rugs. They come in various colors, sizes and shapes and can be used to transform your boring room into a beautiful and decorative spot.

A shag rug can be used for any kind of home decor. Make use of matching accessories so that the room will have a special attraction. While choosing these rugs for your home you need to consider a few things. They will help you to find the best rugs for your home. Before buying the rug ensure that you have a few other retro furnishings to match the rug. Otherwise, they may be out of place. Shag rugs are best for using in areas which do not have heavy traffic. So make sure to get rugs which can be taken care of and maintained easily. Some of the rugs cannot be vacuumed while some can just be taken outside and shaken for removing the dust.

For wide choice of colors you can choose nylon rugs. They can be vacuum cleaned and are more durable than woolen rugs. The best way to feel the rug is to walk on it. Walk on it with your bare feet and see how it feels. Rugs which have silk fibers mixed give a soft and luxurious feel. Such rugs are very good for your bedroom and the bathroom. The best way to complement the room with these rugs is to make use of neutral colors. If you choose contrast colors on the floor they may not impart a pleasant appearance. The most important factor while choosing the rugs is the measurements. Take the measurements along while shopping so that you can get the right size of rugs.

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