Are Hungarian Goose Down Pillows Better than Other Pillows?

hungarian goose downMost experts agree that the goose down products that come out of Hungry are some of the best you can buy. Great pillows are also made with down from Poland, Germany and Canada. Geese from these colder climates develop the warmest and softness down, but there are also other factors involved in determining where the best down pillows come from.

The main variables have to do with the way the down is harvested and cleaned. In Hungry and some other regions of Europe, farmers have been breeding geese for generations. The down is harvested from birds during the natural molting process that occurs every 6 weeks after these large birds have matured. In other areas of the world, down is extracted from young geese as they are slaughtered for meat. This type of down is of much lower quality and is not nearly as soft or as warm.

“Siberian” down is actually a trademark name that includes down from all areas rather than Siberia. There are geese in Siberia, but they migrate during the winter months and do not produce down that is useful to people.

Europe has developed very high standards for the cleaning and processing of down products to keep harmful chemicals out of bedding and clothing that is sold around the world. This is definitely important for an item that you sleep on for 8 hours a night!

Many of the most advanced textile mills are also located in Europe. Since these people have been using down to make bedding and outwear for generations, it makes sense that they are skilled at producing great down pillows and comforters.

So while there are some nice down products coming from other areas such as Canada, Hungarian goose down pillows are highly regarded as some of the best that you will find in the world. It may be worth a few extra dollars to get a great pillow!

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