Adding A Bankers Lamp To Your Home

bankers lampThat’s right, when we think of a bankers lamp we all think of the timeless little lamp that we picture people working long hours through the night next to. But have you ever thought to yourself, “well if it works for them, why can’t it work for me?”  These portable little lamps make a great addition to any home office or even any other area of your home just for decoration. Even if you are planning to setup a small home office or a working space, you should look into picking up one of these timeless lamps to be your light source.

A bankers desk lamp in the most traditional sense should feature an antique brass finish. These days a lot of companies are making these lamps with antique brass plating instead of entirely out of antique brass to keep the costs down. This benefits you because you end up paying a fraction of the price for the lamp while still getting the exact look you would expect.

The most popular part of the lamp is the bankers lamp shade. The small little lamp shade is what gives the lamp its signature look and has helped it to withstand the test of time as a classical piece of history. The lamp shade that helped to launch the lamp into the spotlight was the dark greenish color that still sits in our minds today. The bankers lamp shade comes in a plethora of other colors today and are much easier to clean and replace then their predecessors.

The bankers lamp is still going to remain one of the most timeless classics one can ever associate with working diligently into the night by the light of their trusted lamp. Owning a piece of history has never been easier, or cheaper, then right now. Adding this lamp to your home whether for decoration or usage is something that you can most certainly benefit from.

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