Use An Aerator And A Thatching Rake To Improve Your Lawn

There are two machines that can help in achieving a fresh looking and green lawn. These are the aerator and the dethatcher. These machines perform different functions and serve different purposes. Their common ground however is that they will help your  lawn become more healthy and drought resistant.

An aerator is a lawn care machine. The process of lawn aeration involves plugging holes into the compacted soil underneath the lawn. With this process, the holes that are created allow water and fertilizer nutrients to reach down to the roots. Likewise, it allows increased oxygen supply. During aeration, the amount of carbon dioxide deposited in the lawn is also released. In simple terms, the process of aeration allows the lawn to breath, something which every healthy looking lawn needs to do in order to look fresh and green.

On the other hand, a dethatcher is a machine that removes thatch in the lawn. Thatch is composed of stems, crowns, and rhizomes of dead turf. Dethatching is the process of removing thatch layers, with the use of a thatching rake, that obstruct the passage of water and fertilizer nutrients down the grass roots. When thatch layers are removed, both the soil and the grass can breathe.

According to some experts, it is best to do your dethatching first and then follow it with aeration. In that way, the thatch is already removed before the holes are made in the lawn. By following this sequence, the lawn should never look messy.  Aeration is best done during the spring time while dethatching can be done when the thatch layer is more than 1 inch thick. But as mentioned earlier, it is best to dethatch first then proceed with aeration for better results. Definitely, with these two machines working together, you will have a beautiful, green and fresh looking lawn.

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