The Downside Of Taking Care Of Your Own Lawn

Taking care of a lawn through the spring, summer and into the fall months is certainly a big job. In addition to cutting the grass, trimming, and pulling weeds, the lawn also needs to be raked. The walks need to be swept and the grass and weeds must be bagged. Then, it is necessary to water during the long dry spells. If you have shrubbery, it needs periodic trimming and shaping, and the flowerbeds need to be weeded. All of this is done in the hot summer sun!

Hiring a neighborhood kid does not always work out to your advantage. Unless the teenager is responsible and meticulous with his work, your property will suffer. Most teens will give your lawn a quick cut, but they are not willing to pull weeds and take care of flowerbeds and shrubs. When a teen does the work, much of the time, you the owner are overseeing the job.

Those managing a professional lawn care service are more knowledgeable and more dependable. It is important to ask them for references, as well as a detailed quote for the work. The quote needs to be in writing and both parties need to sign it and date it. Make certain that the service knows exactly what you want done and how you want it to look when it is finished. Be as specific as you possibly can. A truly professional service will be insured and have well-trained and well-qualified workers. They will know what products should be used on your lawn to take care of special problems, such as certain types of weeds and the bugs that will ultimately kill your grass. They also know how to feed the lawn properly.

If you are can afford to use a good, professional lawn service, it will save you a great deal of time, energy, and grief. It will look like a professional took care of it and your home will be envy of the neighborhood.

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