Saving Time with a Sprinkler Timer

The introduction of the sprinkler timer has allowed people great freedom when it comes to taking care of gardens and lawns everywhere. Gone are the days when you had to turn on the sprinkler, keep an eye on the clock, move the sprinkler to a different location and, after all that, go back outside and turn the sprinkler system off. These days it is easy to keep your lawn in great condition with very little work on your part. Just set the timer for sprinkler system and let it do all the work for you. A simple adjustment when the season changes is all it takes to keep your yard and garden healthy and green.

Programming lawn sprinkler timers is a fairly straightforward process. It will take just a few minutes to run through the initial set up and input the current time and date. After that, follow the directions and make the appropriate choices. Many of these systems will allow you to run several programs simultaneously and choose which water valves will be open at any given time. This allows you to water one portion of the lawn at one time of day and a different section at another time. This precise watering method will give your lawn the optimum care required for it to thrive.

You can also program your water sprinkler timers for specific days of the week. Some people prefer to water every other day and a system like this makes that possible with just a little bit of input on your part. There is also the option with sprinkler timers to override whatever program you have set. If there is a rainstorm, you can override the program so the lawn will not be watered on that day. This will save you time and money on lawn care. Two units that are popular with homeowners are the Toro sprinkler timer and the Orbit sprinkler timer.

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