Mowing A Beautiful Lawn Starts Now!

Without over-complicating things, you should definitely mow your lawn regularly and consistently. Not just for reasons of not being talked about or worrying about snakes but because mowing really will give you a beautiful lawn. Experts say that mowing the lawn is the same as taking care of most other plants in that clipping away the points that grow will cause them branch out and become denser. With grass, the crown is where development of new leaves takes place, so clipping off the crown turns one grass plant into many. This is almost as effective as planting grass seed separately.

Multiply that by the exponential amount of grass plants in a lawn and proper mowing practices and frequency and you can have a thick gorgeous lawn.

A large part of proper lawn maintenance is taking care of your mower, getting the blades sharpened and finding out what cutting height is best for your grass. When you cut off the top of the grass you are cutting the part that produces the food, so especially in seriously hot weather or drought conditions, mow the lawn a bit higher. In addition to this experts say to mow in the morning or early morning before heat sets in. Cutting the grass is stressful on the plants so taking the absolute least traumatic options is the way to go in keeping your lawn healthy.

When you are mowing, it is important to choose one consistent direction such as horizontal or vertical lines which overlap for better coverage. After every few instances of mowing the lawn, change direction as well. So if you mow horizontal lines for a few weeks, switch to vertical lines for a few weeks then back. This will give your lawn a more natural look and feel. Do not forget to pay close attention to the precautions of mowing a lawn though. It is important for your safety and for the safety of others as well.

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