Mowing tips for a greener lawn

The first rule of lawn care, is to ensure that your lawnmower is properly maintained and that the blades are kept sharp.  A petrol lawnmower may require a little more in the way of routine maintenance but it will repay the little bit of effort that you have to put in by giving you years of reliable service.

Before you start your mowing, use a lawn rake to remove any stones, sticks or other debris that could damage your mower’s blades.  This is also a good idea for your own safety as a stick or stone thrown up at high speed when you are using a walk behind mower could do you some serious damage.  If you are mowing a lawn for someone else and you are unfamiliar with the layout, this raking exercise will also highlight to you any areas that need extra care (there may be partly hidden pipes or stones in the lawn that you will have to avoid when mowing).  It is far better to find these before damaging your mower blades which could turn doing a good deed into an expensive repair job.

Get into the habit of mowing your lawn in straight lines, however boring that may sound.  Do not be tempted to cut in patterns or swirls to break the monotony.  Having said this, it is important not to mow in exactly the same pattern each time you mow.  If you walk up and down in lines and always place the return journey of the mower back down the lawn starting halfway into the previous line, you will get a perfectly cut lawn with no straggly ends that have been missed and which need going over again.  If you have to go round a tree or other garden feature, always go round it once in one direction and then back again in the other which will ensure nothing gets missed and that a neat cut is achieved.

Try to mow your lawn in the cool of the day, ideally after the dew has evaporated in the morning when your lawn is still cool but is also dry.  Mowing a wet lawn is never a good idea as not only is it slippery, but you never get such a good cut.  If you like to use your clippings as mulch to return nutrients to your lawn, this is impossible on a wet lawn as the clippings do not disperse properly and just clog together.
Mowing when it is cool will not only benefit your lawn as it will lose less moisture from the cut tips on a cool day but it will also benefit you in not having to work hard in the heat!

These tips should help you to keep lawn maintenance to a minimum and leave you more time to enjoy your garden.

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