Garden Hose Connectors

garden hose connectorConnectors are mostly used by those people who find it very inconveniencing to constantly screw garden hoses to taps and other gadgets.

Quick connectors can only be bought in pairs. One of the connectors is attached to the garden hose while the other one is connected to the location of choice. After the adjustments have been made, you are required to push the connectors together until you hear a snap sound. Releasing the two connectors is easier; you just need to pull them apart.

Connectors used for garden hose come in two forms. They can either be made from brass or plastic. Brass connectors are more durable and strong compared to the plastic ones. They are also more expensive. The plastic connectors are cheaper but, you will be forced to replace them more frequently because they are weakened by exposure to the sun. Despite brass connectors being more reliable, there are some health related issues that are being raised about their use.

There are different ways of connecting the various types of connectors. You should choose the connection that is most favorable for you. After you have decided to use a particular connection type, you should consistently stick to that particular connection. You should be very keen when buying the connectors to avoid mix up.

There are those connectors that have been designed to automatically switch off the flow of water in the event that the connectors are disjointed. This quality can be looked at in two ways. If you plan to use the hose without connecting it to any other equipment, it can act as a hindrance. If you rarely use your hose on its own, it will help you on conservation of water. You can tell which type of connector before purchasing it. When you hold a connector to the light and you cannot see through it, then it has the cut off function.

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