Building garden pathways for your home

As the winter temperatures reach new record lows we can start to look ahead and plan for the summer. No doubt garden pathwaythousands of Americans will be looking to refurnish their gardens when the snow melts, and now is the perfect time to make a plan for building a garden pathway.

What are garden pathways you might ask? They are paths, as the name implies, between different elements of your garden, leading you and your guests to the areas you visit the most. Why do I need a garden pathway? Say you have a rose garden opposite side of the back patio. Building a well lighted pathway between A and B can give you a romantic and stylish look to your garden, and also provides safe passage at night.

There is no limit to what you can build pathways for. Talking about security, how about building a pathway between your back kitchen door and the trash cans outside? Remember to use materials that give good traction when there is rain in the air or when they are covered with snow.

Complementing your home and decor with the materials and styles you use is also a wise thing to do. Ground covers, pavers , wood, and concrete, are just a few of the materials you can choose from. Your home probably already has some distinct features, and building upon those instead of breaking the style completely, will make your garden look like it has been designed by a professional.

Use the last part of this winter to start planning your garden pathway. Think about a design, materials and where to buy them, and what kind of lighting is best. Even if you only have a small garden there are tons of things you can do to highlight your unique features. So, start planning now, before the sun comes out and you are preoccupied with your sun tan instead.

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