Benefits of LED Grow Lights

LED grow lampWhether you are growing plants indoors as a hobby or for commercial use, LED grow lights provide the gentleness of fluorescent lighting while adding the growing power of HIDs.  Along with the decreased costs associated with using LED growing lights, there are many plant growing benefits as well.

One important factor in growing plants is that plants will not use parts of the color spectrum in an equal way.  Photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll as well as carotene absorb light at a particular wavelength and very strongly.  Because of this, LED lighting can optimize the use of the right colors on the spectrum in the correct proportions.  Chlorophyll is a plant’s primary energy collecting pigment, so lighting that produces the correct absorption is essential for proper plant growth.  LED grow lights provide this advantage above the rest, utilizing almost all of the light emitted whereas HID lighting only generates about 35% of useful light.

LED lights also have a very long lifetime.  The typical grow light offers a guaranteed 50,000 hours of life.  If this is calculated to get an expectation on how long the bulbs will last, the equivalent to burning the bulb for 18 hours a day (taking hours out for dark hours), 365 days a year, for a total calculation of 7 years and 7 months.   So, your quality bulb will last over seven years – what an investment!  Even on the conservative side of 28,000 hours of life, as reviewed by, the LED grow light is definitely a winner

LED lighting produces a very limited amount of heat.  In fact, you can touch the lighting and it will be warm to the touch, not scolding your hand like other lighting.  This provides advantages with your plants as well as in your garden.  It offers you the ability to grow tender plants next to vegetables in a versatile gardening environment.  Your workspace will require no ventilation or air conditioning, saving you energy costs and remodeling expenses.

Another cost saving advantage of LED grow lights, are that they cost nearly 75% lower in energy expenses.  These energy efficient lights run 365 days a year for 14 hours per day will cost only $33.00 on average.  Compare the HID lighting, which costs nearly $460.00 for the same running time.  That means you save over $400.00 per year on your electric bill alone.

In addition to annual electric bill savings, you will also save on disposal fees.  LED lighting contains no hazardous material such as mercury, lead and glass parts that are commonly found in HID lights.  HID lighting is hazardous to the environment, thus requiring special disposal.  These lights can only be disposed of at approved sites, costing a fee.  These fees can certainly add up, and with the longer lifespan of LED lights, you save not only in disposal fees but replacement fees as well.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to using LED grow lights in your commercial, personal, or research gardening facilities.  Aside from the fact that LED lighting is extremely geared to protecting the environment, they are cost efficient to run and maintain over time.  So not only can you save your money, you can save Mother Earth as well!

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