10 x 10 Gazebo – How to Choose One Effectively

Gazebos are a great place to spend your time in your backyard. It is comfortable and will also provide you the privacy you are looking for. There are different kinds of gazebos. They come in various sizes, models and brands. Some of them are costly ($5000-10,000) while some,  like a metal gazebo, can be purchased for affordable prices ($200-300). Simple gazebos have side poles for support, a roof and a mosquito net to cover the sides of the pop-up tent. If you are looking for expensive ones then you could get the hot tub gazebo which has a hot tub and other additional features for your convenience. Of all, the most commonly used and available one is the 10 x 10 gazebo.

An outdoor gazebo in your garden is a convenient place to hold parties and other family gatherings. You can enjoy the fresh air outside in the company of your friends and relatives. If you want one at home you can definitely find a good one for your budget. You need to follow certain buying tips for this purpose:

Decide where you will be placing your portable canopy. How many people and how often will you be using it? Also decide what kind of gazebo material you will be choosing, the seating arrangements and other accessories.

When you have decided the exact location see if the place has a flat surface or has trees above it. If there are trees they may interfere with the structure. Know the amount of space required for erecting the structure.

Though there are different shapes of these, the octagonal shape is more preferred. You can also choose from traditional shapes and designs.

What kind of roof do you need for your gazebo? Most of them have a fabric roof. If you want to be a little different, you can choose the pergola-style gazebo. Be sure you  understand about the maintenance procedures for the type of gazebo you plan to purchase. You’ll want to take this into consideration before you make your final decision.

The flooring is usually either grass or stone. Think of other decorative accessories you can use in your gazebo. You may use scroll work, posts and cupola for additional style. When you have decided on these features it will be easy for you to zero in on the kind of gazebo you want to purchase.


  • mathew
    September 19, 2010 - 5:22 pm | Permalink

    the gazebo on this page how much is it, we are in perth wa

  • Rob
    September 21, 2010 - 8:37 pm | Permalink

    Mathew, I’m not sure how much that would cost. I had a bit of a look at different gazebo stores in Australia, and most seem to have a more simply designed ‘marquee’ type structures. The one featured in this post was actually a simple marquee structure with a custom designed marquee cover. You could probably show someone there your idea and see if they could come up with a custom cover for you along the same lines.

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