How To Use Travertine Bull Nose Tile

bullnose tileBefore contemplating your tile project be sure to understand what you are going to do with the edges.  If the entire wall is tiled then it is really not a big problem.  Just run the tile to the corner and grout them in like you do the face parallel and vertical lines.  But there is more to it if the tiles end in the middle of a wall.  This is very common for most travertine shower installations.  If the shower is in the corner of the room then the tiles are actually ran out one to two feet beyond the shower stall in order to protect the wall from moisture.  The question is what to do with the edges of the tiles in this situation.

As you know, the edge of a tile is generally not finished, so a solution has been devised.  A bull nose travertine tile is a special tile which has one edge rounded.  This rounded edge is called the bull nose I suppose because it resembles the nose of a bull.  The way to finish off the edge of the tile enclosure is to make your last vertical course this special tile with the bull nose on the vertical.  This gives a very nice finish and looks very clean.

This is also the way to finish off the top course of the wall.  Usually you will not see a tile shower enclosure go to the ceiling.  It generally stops down a ways in order to give a border between the wall and the ceiling.  This top course will also be finished with the bull nose.

A special tile is used at the junction of the last vertical course and the top course.  It is called a double-out bull nose because it has two edges which are rounded.  This makes sense because both the vertical and horizontal course need to finish with a rounded tile.

When you order your tile for the project be sure they include these edge pieces or you won’t be able to finish off the project all at one time.  Many times these trim pieces are a different shade or color in order to give a strong edge.  They also can be a completely different type of tile.

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