How to Install a Plasma TV Mount Bracket

Now that prices for Blu-ray players are becoming reasonable, and HD programming is becoming more and more widespread, it makes more sense than ever to get a large high definition TV set. If you do decide that now is the time to make this investment, you might as well spend a little more to get some decent speakers, and mount your TV on the wall for a home theater experience.

Your TV should be at least 48″ wide, and plasma rather than LCD. With their richer blacks, the image they produce is closer to what you see in a movie theater. In addition, the image quality is not degraded nearly as much as with an LCD when they are viewed from an angle, which is important if you are going to gather a big group together to watch a movie or a football game.

There is no need to buy a plasma TV wall mount bracket made by the manufacturer of your TV. You can get a good one for considerably less money from a company such as Peerless. Get one that tilts if you will be installing the TV fairly high on the wall.

Installing your plasma wall bracket is quite a simple process. The main thing you need to be sure to do is find the studs in your wall, using an inexpensive stud finder you can buy at a store like Home Depot. Mark where you will put in the screws on these studs, and use a level so your TV will not be at a slant. Drilling the holes and screwing in the screws is easy. The only difficult part will be lifting the TV on to the wall; have at least one other person help with that. You can also hide the wires behind a cable cover, or even inside your wall, but that is more complicated.


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    My hubby and I are planning to buy a complete set of home cinema which has separate components i.e sony dvd player,yamaha AV receiver and Bose speaker system. But a friend of mine suggest to get a “home theater in a box” which is technically better according to him…. so what’s your take on this ? feedback appreciated. thanks

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    I really think it depends a lot on how much you can do yourself. If you are able to set things up yourself, and you are somewhat familiar with things, I’d go for the more personalized route of buying what you want/need rather than going for the ‘out of box’ idea. But really it is up to what you are most comfortable with and what you feel capable of taking on.

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    I have a pioneer AV Receiver at home and it is a great piece of equipment.

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