Attractive and Simple Home Renovation Ideas

Renovating your existing home can be a good alternative to buying a new house, firstly because it is more affordable and secondly because you can pick up new skills and have a lot of fun while working on it. When renovating, it is a good idea to identify which areas of your home need the most attention and also what the most cost-effective way will be to achieve a fresh new look. Below are some ideas that you could use when planning your renovation.

Adding More Living Space

Adding a patio or a deck to your existing home can be an excellent way of creating a new space for your family to enjoy. It does not have to be very expensive to build, in fact you may be able to build it yourself. Timber decks do not require extensive foundation work, and by simply adding some shade umbrellas and tables you can quickly establish a great outdoor entertainment area. You can also find fairly inexpensive canopies or canvas coverings that will not only add to the recreational appearance of the area but provide you with relief from both sun and rain should it be necessary.

Replace Light Fixtures

Updating all of your fixtures and light fittings can also be an effective way of improving your home. Sleek modern lampshades are often not very expensive, and by replacing all of your fittings or fixtures at once with the same style it is easy to achieve an excellent result. You might be surprised how much brighter and cleaner your home looks with new lampshades and possibly some energy-efficient down lights installed in the kitchen, living and dining areas.

Photo By: Bruce Berrien

Other Ideas

There are many other things you can do to freshen up your house. You could repaint your walls and ceilings, install some nice basswood blinds, update your carpets, or install solid wood flooring. The most important thing is to plan out your entire renovation before you start, and establish a budget that you can stick to. At all costs you must avoid overextending yourself financially, as this will result not only in stress but also a half finished project which will neither add value nor make your home more comfortable. If your planned improvements will cost more than your budget allows you can take out smaller loans at reasonable rates, should your financial situation allow you to do so. You can then enjoy a fully renovated home which you are gradually paying off over time. The advantage to this is that it will also add to the resale value of your home which can offset expenses in other areas.

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