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Damaged Plantation Shutters – Sell Them To Dealers Of Used Material

Have you managed to damage the plantation shutters at your place, to an extent where you no longer find any use for the shutters? If this is the case, you could possibly be looking to purchase a new set of plantation shutters or even try to get Roman shades as a change. You could probably think about the money you would have to spend again on such window treatments. However, if you were to get in touch with a retailer that is selling used material you could perhaps get some value for the damaged plantation shutters, which can help you purchase a different set. You could perhaps even be able to purchase a used plantation shutter that is in better condition than the one you have. The retailer you approach will be pleased to offer you a reasonable price for the plantation shutters you wish to sell and could also give you a discount on the one that you are looking to purchase.

If you were to make a search in your locality, you will be sure to find a number of retailers that are involved in such activities. The original investment that you made in the plantation shutters will never be recovered, but you will certainly get a price for the damaged set, which could help lower the costs of any further window treatments that you are looking to purchase. In fact, even a single damaged plantation shutter could possibly bring you enough money to purchase Roman shades that are available at cheap prices. You cannot expect dealers to walk to your door and enquire about such matters. You will be required to go out and search for dealers and discuss with them the possibilities of selling the damaged plantation shutters in exchange for another one or even Roman shades. You will find that the dealers will not hesitate to accommodate your requests and give you something that can help change the appearance of your home.

A Neo Angle Shower Will Give Your Bathroom a New Look

If you are like most people, your bathroom is not as nice as you would like.  From shower curtains that can never be cleaned as throughly as they should, to old-fashioned shower stalls that take too much space, it can all be left behind in favor of a more modern bathroom design.

There are numerous benefits to a modern bathroom.  You will see many of these benefits when you install a neo angle shower.  One benefit is how easy it is to clean.  You will never need to struggle with messy shower curtains again.  Another benefit is the smaller amount of space needed for a neo angle shower.  It will make the room spacious and comfortable.

Your bathroom is at its best when it is fresh and clean.  A neo angle shower is much simpler to keep clean than the old-fashioned alternatives.

Your home design ideas should also reflect your tastes.  For a modern bathroom, there is nothing quite like a neo angle shower.  The crisp, clean lines are simply without compare.

Whether you like frames or not, frosted or clear, there are many options from which to choose.  You can select just the right style to suit your bathroom and your personal tastes.

If you have a small bathroom, you absolutely need a neo angle shower, which saves space much like a tub shower combo.  However, they are perfect for large rooms, too.  They give a luxurious feel to any bathroom, no matter what its size.  The more comfortable and roomier your bathroom is, the more you will appreciate it.

You may be planning to remodel your entire home, or do only one project.  Your current bathtub or shower may have served you for many years, but it is time to try something new.  Even if you are thinking of making only one change at the moment, a neo angle shower should be the decision.

Why A Double Garage is Better

Having a garage is not just for aesthetic value but is a necessity, especially in this time that having one car is not enough for busy people. A single garage is good, but having a double garage is a dream come true for many. They can either park two cars at the same time, or even a car and a boat.

If you decide to build a new garage or expand your old one into a more spacious and efficient carport, you must have some sort of plan and design for it. Double garage design varies depending on the need, budget and on what the owner wants. Building it can be done into three different options. The first one is by hiring a company that would build the garage. By doing this, the owner will do anything more regarding the construction.

Many companies offer different pre-made double garage design layouts that the owner can choose from or can modify based from his desires. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, like garage with single doors, double doors, with a room inside it, and even attic or kitchen on it. The different designs also vary in size, shape and color. There are many designs available in the market for everyone’s convenience, such as flat carport designs, or they could plan their own designs. Another option is hiring some men to help you build the garage. This may take time and effort from you but the good side of this is that you are hands on to your project too and you can do necessary adjustments whenever you want it. The last option is for you to do it all but this method need a lot of time and effort. By doing your own garage, you are the boss, the worker and at the same time the architect of your own carport.

Once you are decided on how you will build your garage, it is necessary to process first all legal papers and be prepared on the budget so that the construction would flow smoothly.

Which are the best select prefabricated stairs?

The best prefabricated stair is one that has attributes beyond the standard set of functional and design competence that you would expect from a well made prefab stair. Most of these qualities relate to the specific application of the stair itself – what location it is going to be installed, what materials are to be used and the like. Other than that qualities like the care taken during the build, the way the different pieces of the stairs are set up and joined together etc are of equal importance but they depend completely on the stair fabricating company that you choose. So do aspects like delivery on time, quality of the install and other again depend on the same.

We’ve thus established that it is vital that you can take care of various aspects of stair building by simply choosing the right prefab stair maker. While I could go on and on with tips on choosing a provider who’ll give you what you want, the thing with checklists is that there are very few maker who’ll fill all the criteria all the time and even if they do there is no guarantee that your specific stair will be up to spec. Consistency in deliveries is something one can never figure out from a checklist. There is however, a shortcut. Ask your contractor or the existing carpenter working on your site as of now. They’ll help put you in touch with the best prefabricated stair maker in your locality.

Once that is sorted, you can use another favorite rule of thumb of mine to help you decide what materials will go into the build. It really is that simple – wood for any prefabricated steps to be set up indoors and metal (preferably galvanized with corrugated treads). Just use these two easy tricks and you will be on your way to being the proud owner of a cheap and cheerful prefab stair.

Important Facts About Loft Flooring

There are number of things that you have to carefully consider when installing loft flooring. Flooring your loft is no easy task. In fact, this job often calls for the expertise of professional contractors. But of course, hiring professionals would mean you need to pay for their labor which can rack up renovation costs.

Lofts are the extra spaces located directly underneath the roof or above the ceilings. That said, the joists present in this area are not designed to hold heavy loads. If you plan to convert your lofts or attics into a functional storage area or another usable room, you need to give careful attention to its floor integrity, construction stability, longevity and safety. On that regard, you have to carefully examine how you should improve the overall structure of your loft space. To do that, you have to first decide on the function that the loft will have to serve. Will it be used as a bedroom, an additional storage space, or a living room extension?

In case, you want to convert it into a guest room, then you might need to reinforce its existing joists with additional supporting structures to boost its structural integrity. You will need to add more joists and metal framing so your loft would be able to sustain the added weight of the equipments and furniture that will be placed on it. Additionally, the joists will also come in handy when attaching an aluminum or timber loft ladder intended for convenient loft access.

Apart from the structural reinforcements, you also need to consider the insulation underneath the loft’s actual flooring. Make sure that you cover the whole space with efficient insulation materials before you begin with the flooring installation. Insulation is important to ensure that you won’t rack up your energy cost. You should also add soundproofing materials to prevent unnecessary sound or noise from penetrating your loft floors.

Before you begin this project, it would be a good idea to check with your municipality regarding the implemented building codes to ensure that you will be able to fully comply with them. It is critical that you re-route electrical wiring, pipes, and drain lines as necessary before you add the sub-floor. Most importantly, be sure to pre-treat the loft floor that you will be installing to protect it against rot and insect infestation.

Factors that Affect Roof System Performance

The performance of a roof system can be affected by many factors, knowing what these issues are will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing a new roofing system.  It is important to address any concerns you may have with a licensed roofing contractor, he or she will be able to guide you further in your decision, but the factors listed here will give you the ability to ask informed questions and get the most from his or her expertise.

Weather conditions are some of the worst enemies of a roofing system; there are different weather considerations to be aware of depending on the region in which you live. The heat and ultraviolet rays for the sun cause roofing materials to deteriorate over time; deterioration occurs quicker on sides facing west of south.  When rain water gets underneath shingles, shakes or other roofing material it can make its way to the roof deck and cause the roof structure itself to rot.  High winds can lift the edges of shingles or other roofing materials and force water and debris underneath them.  Of course we are all aware what damage extremely high winds and hurricanes can cause.  Snow and ice can block proper drainage and cause water to back up under shingles, which then seeps into the interior.  During early melting stages, gutters and downspouts can fill with ice and be damaged beyond repair or even torn off the house.

Condensation can result from a build-up of warm, moist air.  Moisture in a poorly ventilated attic promotes the decay of wood sheathing and rafters, possibly destroying the roof structure.  Moss and algae can grow on moist wood shingles and shakes; once it grows, moss causes more moisture to be held on the roof surface which can lead to rot.  Tree branches touching the roof surface can gouge roofing surfaces when blown by the wind, and of course, fallen branches from nearby trees can damage shingles or even the roof structure itself.  Leaves on a roof retain moisture and encourage rot, and leaves in the gutter block drainage.

Missing or torn shingles leave the roof vulnerable to water damage and rot and should be replaced immediately.  When shingles are old they begin to split, curl and lose their waterproofing ability; they are easily blown off, torn or lifted by wind gusts.  This can cause structural rot and interior damage.  Without good, tight flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights and wall/roof junctions water can enter the building and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and electrical systems.

These are just some of the things you will want to be aware of when choosing a new roofing system.  As mentioned before, a licensed roofing contractor can help with this decision.  He or she is trained to know the best roofing system for your particular geographic area and will help you choose the best one for your budget.

Getting Started With Driveway Lighting

When you are building or remodeling a home, you might want to include driveway lighting into the outdoor lighting design. These lights will turn your house into elegant and cozy place for all that pass by. Driveway lights are fairly inexpensive overall, and are not that difficult to install either. There are many benefits you can get from installing driveway lights such as the aesthetic value it adds to your house. It also helps to give security from prowlers and unauthorized entry.

At one time, it seemed that only the rich and the elite could afford driveway lights at the beginning of the manufacturing process. But years of process refinement kept on bringing new designs, and better materials at a cheaper price. So now the technological evolution of these lights has made them more affordable to all (just like with market for outdoor pendant lighting and sconces). Lighting companies have introduced a wide array of designs to choose from. The classic design for driveway lights has traditionally been a cast iron stand. These were very expensive and bulky. Today, these lights are made up of resins and plastic fibers that they have become lighter, yet durable and appealing to the eyes.

The first thing you must consider when buying driveway lights is the design plan. Decide on how high you want the lights to rise from the ground including the type of overall layout you want to incorporate. Assess your driveway and figure out what fits best for your home and landscaping designs. Pole lights usually rise up to 3 meters but you can adjust according to your driveway measurements.

Next is to finalize how many lights you want to put in one post and how far each post should be from the next. You can put up one light or as many as six lights per post – but bear in mind that the more the lights you have, the bigger your electric bill will being the case of electric (not solar) lights. When you have decided on the plot of the lights, you can now choose the pattern for how the light beams will project. One of the more popular pattern is the double-headed pattern where the lights illuminate towards the top and bottom of the driveway.

We hope this has been an informative overview for you on driveway light design.

Source: Driveway Lighting Site

How River Rock Tile Will Save You Time, Money, And Stress

When designing interior flooring, many people have specific qualifications in mind. Time and money seem to be a factor in many flooring purchases. Choosing to purchase River Rock Tile for an interior design project can save a lot of time and money, as well as stress. Not only can these tiles be used for flooring, but they also can be used in other locations as well, such as feature walls or even the base of a counter.

River Rock tiles are an extremely affordable method of tile flooring. There are many different styles of tiles from River Rock, all at a good price. The basic 6”x6” tiles are only $11.95 a piece. For River Rock tile strips, both straight and curved for either a pathway or a stream look, each piece can be purchased for $22.95. Single rocks are even available for $39.95 per square foot, for those who wish to create their own designs.

Tiling with River Rock can also save a lot of time. When installing flooring, it can sometimes become a major hassle to contact contractors and set up times for them to install the flooring. Luckily, River Rock has tiles which are extremely simple to install. There are tiles with interlocking pieces that can help any do-it-yourselfer to create a flawless design. Personally installing tiles made by River Rock can save a lot of time, hassle, and money involved with hiring professionals.

The look and feel of a floor designed with River Rock products can help to bring a level of serenity to any interior. With smooth rocks to walk over, people can get the feeling of being outside in the calm of nature without ever actually stepping foot outside. River Rock is especially ideal for a spa atmosphere. It is relaxing, soothing and can help customers unwind and de-stress.

River Rock Tile is an affordable, time-saving solution to tiling a floor in every interior space. This beautiful and natural style of flooring can help people de-stress as well. Relaxing in a natural looking environment is a great stress reliever.

Tougher Than Granite: Engineered Stone Construction

Creating home designs that incorporate the look of natural stone is becoming highly popular. Stone is a versatile material that can fit in with many different styles of home decor, and it’s sophisticated look adds character to any type of living space. One incredibly popular stone is granite. It is known for being highly durable and is actually being chosen over marble to create outdoor monuments more and more often.

Home builders and re-modelers in the Phoenix construction industry use granite for everything from kitchen counters to commercial flooring. It’s distinct “grained” look and finished appearance is appealing to homeowners as well as commercial builders.

As popular as granite is, it is steadily being replaced by man-made or engineered stone products that are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. So which will win out? It might be too early to tell, but there are many pluses to using engineered stone that make it desirable for Phoenix contractors, as well as contractors in other cities.

Less maintenance. Engineered stone is composed of the hardest on-precious stone, natural quartz. Since this man-made stone is non-porous it requires much less maintenance than granite which needs to be sealed periodically. Engineered stone is also more stain, bacteria, and heat resistant than granite.

More durable. It’s strange to think that there is a “stone” more durable than granite, but because engineered stone is more than 90% solid quartz it is tougher (and a bit heavier) than granite which is only composed of about 40%-60% quartz. Phoenix construction contractors prefer to work with engineered stone because it is easier to work with than granite being much less likely to chip or crack during construction. Engineered stone will also last longer than granite, which is why homeowners are choosing to build with it more often.

There are many different styles of engineered stone to choose from. Many of the styles capture the radiant, polished look of quartz and limestone and have different edging styles. One downside to using engineered stone is that it has less variety when it comes to the mock-granite look. It just doesn’t offer the color variation and distinct look of granite. But who knows, maybe one day it’ll beat out granite in this area too.

Basic Tips and Thoughts Regarding Bathroom Lighting

Ideas for bathroom lighting may originate in various places such as periodicals, retail lighting stores, the Internet, catalogs or television.

Bathroom lighting has a particular significance since the bathroom is typically not very large compared to the other rooms of one’s house and since it is often visited by everyone in the family for such activities as shaving, putting on makeup or general grooming, it is crucial that there is adequate lighting.

It is possible, with appropriate bathroom lighting ideas, to make this room a more comfortable place for the above activities in addition to modifying the ambiance, or feel, of the room.

The ceiling lights of a bathroom may assume various types ranging from traditional batten holders to contemporary fixtures, so no matter whether you desire a minimalist feel to the area or an antique appearance, you can locate a bathroom ceiling light to meet your needs.

Bathroom light fixtures which are recessed are a perfect method of illuminating the area in specific ways. The majority of those recessed lights presently are either halogen lights or mains fed. Using this kind of lighting permits you to select lamps of a lower wattage, or to install a dimmer switch so that the mood of the room may be altered very easily.

Wall lights in the bathroom may be utilized in an intriguing manner to illuminate particular spots in the room, but they may not be appropriate for a bathroom with very little area.

LED lighting is achieving great favor as the technology continues to evolve, making use of smaller and yet more powerful lamps which generate adequate light. In addition, lamps of this sort may utilize varying colors or allow for a changing, swirling effect.

One particularly bothersome area of the bathroom to light and ventilate properly is the shower stall or enclosure. Since this area generally is very small and produces quite a bit of water vapor, proper ventilation is crucial.

There is a combination shower light and extraction fan kit which is available on today’s market. These kits are generally wired in such a manner that the fan will continue in operation for fifteen or twenty minutes after the light is turned off and so it provides an ideal method of reducing both condensation and mold.

Bathroom mirrors which have lights will greatly enhance a smaller bathroom since they both illuminate the room and make it seem larger due to the reflected light. Numerous types of lighted bathroom mirrors are available, so you should have little difficulty in locating one which accentuates the particular style you are looking for.

Try Just Changing The Vanity Mirror

Sometimes refreshing the look of your bathroom might seem impossible because of the costs involved. But you don’t have to redo an entire bathroom to give it a touch of newness. For example you can change a few inexpensive items and change the look completely. It is obvious that you cannot change the look by just changing the color of the towels or buying a new soap dish. There is however in your bathroom a very large item that when changed will transform the entire bathroom. I am referring to the vanity mirror.

Mirrors can look old because of their style or because they have aged and look tarnished in ways that you cannot correct. Most of the time style is the give away for age as all home built at a particular period had the same style baths.

You don’t have to change the whole vanity if you don’t want to but you could or you could change the look of an old vanity with a little paint. If you had a large mirror installed you might consider replacing it with two smaller round mirrors above each sink, flanked by good bathroom lighting and the whole room would take a new appearance.

You can find great looking contemporary mirrors on line that are suitable for bathrooms, some even have an integrated light rim that flatters your face rather than show with glaring audacity each imperfect line you would prefer to avoid.

You might go in another direction and instead of modernizing the bathroom look you might add a frame to a frameless mirror to make it look ancient. You can pick up inexpensive frames at flea markets or at online auctions for almost nothing, a little gold paint and you could have a great look.

Before ordering your new bathroom mirror or frame make sure you have the proper dimensions and that it will fit in the space where you intend to use it. Nothing is more frustrating than getting what you want and finding out that it does not fit.

Tips on Kitchen Renovation

kitchen designEvery woman or man who cooks has an idea of the perfect kitchen for their needs. There are many suggestions of the perfect kitchen in magazines and on the internet. If one watches any of the chefs on TV, there are more ideas available for anyone looking forward to a kitchen renovation.

The space that you have available plays a large part in determining exactly what can be done with the kitchen. If the area that one is working with is small, one must decide what is important to them. It could be appliances, storage, counter space or deciding if a kitchen table is to be used. Usually counter space is one of the main objectives. This is especially important for a person who cooks a lot.

Appliances are another big consideration. One needs a stove, refrigerator and of course a sink. Then one must decide if they want a microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven and other items. Once again, space is a major consideration when it comes to these appliances. There are many features available for storage of these items, such as under the cabinet items which fit right under the cabinets. However, if considering these items, it is important to make sure that there is enough area between the kitchen cabinets and counter.

Many kitchens today have a kitchen island. This is in the middle of the kitchen and holds small appliances, sometimes it will have a sink. The island provides a large work area and many times the top of it is a cutting board. It also provides extra storage space in the form of extra cupboards and kitchen drawers. In a smaller kitchen, however, an island is often not practical.

There are programs on the internet that will allow one to plan their kitchen online. Options are given for size, appliances and other features. This is invaluable for someone who has plenty of ideas but is unsure of exactly what will work in their kitchen.

If You Want A New Look, Replace Your Vanity Unit

vanity unitIf you want to give your bathroom a whole new look you will be amazed at how much the look will change by just putting in a new vanity unit. This one item in the bathroom will really make the room look and feel like it has been completely redone. There is a lot to think about when you make the decision to start shopping for that new bathroom unit.

One thing to consider is what type of new sink vanity unit you want. If you have a single sink unit right now you may want to consider putting in a double sink vanity if you have the extra space. Prior to making such a drastic change it is a good idea to check out the existing plumbing fixtures to make sure they can handle such a change. If the plumbing has to be replaced it could get very expensive if you have to bring in a plumber. The expense of replacing pipes and the plumber’s fees can add up very quickly and blow the budget.

If to little space is a problem then it is a good idea to consider looking into some of the attractive corner vanity units. A corner unit will work just as well as a standard vanity but it will help create additional space in an already small bathroom. There are other styles of vanity units available. You can get a vanity unit that is stand alone in the dressing room and a separate stand alone sink in the bathroom.

You may not realize it now but you will have many options when it comes to remodeling the bathroom, even if it means touching up the paint and replacing the vanity and its accessories. Add a few new bath towels and throw rugs and you will love then new look and feel like you spent a fortune when you actually may have saved some money.

A Double Glazed Window Is Made Of Polycarbonate Materials

double glazed windowA double glazed window is a modern window made from man-made polycarbonate material which is very durable and does not warp. The polycarbonate frame is built around two panes of glass that are separated between the panes with either air or a gas. Their efficiency is determined by their R factor, and the higher the R factor the higher the efficiency of the style of window. A window made with air between panes is considered to be rated at R2. When two panes are separated by gases they are rated a factor of R3, which means the gas filled window is more efficient than the air filled window.

There are many different styles of double glaze windows. One of the more popular styles is the double glazed sash windows. These windows can easily be opened by sliding the bottom up in order to allow air to flow into the home on those cool breezy spring or fall days. There is also a double hung glazed window that opens by sliding either the top of the window down or bottom of the window up. Double glaze windows are being seen on more and more homes these days because everyone is becoming more conscious of the deteriorating environment and want to conserve energy.

The UPVC framed double glazed window is not only more energy efficient than the traditional wood or aluminum framed windows but they are also much lighter and easier to install. It is also much more durable than the wood frames. The cost of these windows is more than the cost of traditional window but with their energy efficiency, savings on utility bills and overall added value to the home they pay for themselves just after the first season. The next time you visit the glass store or the neighborhood home improvement store take the time to check out their display of double glazed windows and see what you are missing.

Choosing the Right Garage Floor Coverings

garage-floor-tilesGarage floors are the most difficult to beautify primarily because of the room’s main function. All garage flooring is subject to cracking, chipping or staining from oils, chemicals, etc. Creating an attractive and comfortable environment for your garage floor is always a problem and one way of getting this is by incorporating garage floor covering.

There are floor tiles designs that are intended specifically to the function of the garage. These garage flooring tiles are a cost effective alternative to epoxy floor coatings or other garage floor coating. Garage flooring tiles last longer and are easy to install in your garage. Plus, you could cover your garage flooring in any pattern you can imagine.

There are interlocking garage floor tiles. They are easy to install with a durable seamless look in a unique hidden and watertight interlocking joining system. This garage floor tile can be laid quickly and easily on any firm, flat surface using only a mallet and utility knife. Most garage installations require no adhesive, just overlap, tap and your garage flooring is done.

If you want it simple, you could put only garage floor coatings to preserve the original look and design of the garage. It will seal it to protect the floor from cracks, chips, and stains. These are usually done on newly concreted garages.

The materials provided above are just some of the garage floor covers you can use. Choosing the right flooring for your garage depends on how you use the room and how you want it to look like. Do you consider it as storage, a place for repairs or do you consider it as an ordinary room in your house and you also want it to be attractive? Whatever your reasons and objective might be, always take into consideration everything before choosing the right flooring for your garage.

Choosing A Corner Bath Tub

corner_bathtubIf you are redecorating your bathroom or looking for ways to add flair to a small space, why not consider choosing a corner bath tub.

When space is an issue, you can add a bath tub to a corner of your bathroom with a minimal amount of space. You would think that being in a corner would mean less space, but this is not the case. In fact, corner bath tubs are typically bigger than a standard tub.

Aside from saving space, you can use your new bath tub as a focal point in your new design. Since they come in several different colors, it is easy to coordinate with your existing fixtures and because these tubs are made of acrylic, they are lighter in weight making them easy to install. If price is a concern, no worries, the prices are very competitive with the prices of standard size tubs.

One great benefit of a having a tub in the corner is the wide ledges allow room to add decorative shelving where you can add plants, candles, or other accessories to add style to an otherwise boring area. Remember when making your design decisions that adding knick knacks on the shelves may not work well if you plan on adding a shower. Adding a shower means that you have to consider the walls. This can easily be done with tiles to match the tub or waterproof wall panels to keep your bathroom free of moisture build up. A shower door or curtain is also a consideration when pondering your design ideas.

Whether you want to maximize space in a smaller bathroom or create a tranquil oasis with shelves and matching accents for your relaxing pleasure, choosing a corner bath tub is a smart decision that will not break the bank.

4 Steps to Purchasing uPVC Sash Windows.

upvc sash windowIf you want quality sash windows for your home then the best windows on the market, for various reasons, are uPVC sash windows.  In this article we will give you  four steps towards recognizing that uPVC sash windows are the windows to select when looking to purchase new windows or replace your existing sash windows.

1.    Insulation

If you compare the insulation qualities if uPVC and timber sash windows you will realize that on a cost and performance basis, uPVC sash windows will come out on top each time.  This an important fact that must be considered when you are selecting your new windows, as heating costs are running very high at the present time and look to become even dearer in the future.

2.    Maintenance

uPVC sash windows will always require less maintenance than timber sash windows.  Timber sash windows have by their nature a lot of small panes, which lead to a lot of re-repainting every 5 years or so.  In contrast, uPVC sash windows never need to be painted and simply need to be washed regularly (as any windows need to be cleaned) and given some infrequent lubrication in order to keep them in good condition.

3.    Security

A quality uPVC window is built with a multi-point locking system that is incorporated into the frame of the window. This makes it much more secure than  timber sash window.  Added to this double glazing is always a good deterrent of burglars because they need to make a lot more noise in order to break double-glazing or triple-glazing.

4.    Choice of color.

There is a huge range of colors to choose from when it comes to selecting one for your uPVC sash windows. You must also remember that the color you choose will not have to be repainted for the life of the windows.

Remodeling The Bathroom For A Modern Look

modern bathroomAchieving a modern or contemporary look in the bathroom is high on the list of priorities when it comes to home renovation plans. Many people, however, are not quite sure how to make the bathroom look modern. In this article we shall address these uncertainties and look at how to bring your bathroom up to date.

One of the first areas to look at is the color scheme. One of the quickest and easiest ways to start is to visit the local home improvement store and take a look at the swatches of color. This will give you a good idea of what is available and the combinations that work well together. The amount of natural light you have will influence your color selection. A lot of natural lights means you can get away with dark colors but less light and you want to move to the lighter end of the scale.

When you decide on which colors you think will work best, you then need to look at how you are going to decorate. The most popular choices are to just paint, tile or even add wallpaper. The next is the flooring. The three main choices are tiling, wood and carpet. Although wood is my favorite, it can be prone to water damage. As such, wood effect laminate flooring is a good alternative. I tend to stay clear of carpeting due to issues, again, of water damage and more importantly, hygiene.

Now you know what your color scheme will be and what materials you will be using to decorate, the next aspect to look at is the bathroom suite. There are so many beautiful styles and designs of suites available it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. The important point is to choose something not just on its aesthetics but on its functionality. Also, decide on whether you want a bath, shower, combination of the two or for something more luxurious like steam showers.

The next choice to make is regarding the fixtures and fittings. In the contemporary bathroom, chrome finish or stainless steel are the materials to go for. It is important to make sure the fixtures on all the different components of the bathroom suite match. Brass should normally be left for the antique, period looking room.

When looking at the shower, one of the latest fashions is to use a rain shower head. They are much larger than you typical shower head but go in the modern bathroom very well. If you just need something to wash your hair, the rain variety can be found as a hand held model.

The next step is to choose the bathroom accessories. It is important that all of these should match. Glass mirrored bathroom cabinets are a very stylish yet functional accessory. Making sure all items such as toilet brushes and bins match will make sure you get that final appearance looking perfect.

Upgrade your home with walnut wood flooring.

black walnut flooringIf you want to improve the appearance of your home by adding hardwood floors and you’re looking for something different and dramatic, American black walnut has a lot to offer.  It’s the only naturally dark American hardwood.

The deep, chocolate color is quite distinctive and because it’s natural and not achieved by staining, each of the boards will have their own subtle color variations.  This will give your wood flooring a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Although walnut was once pretty common, it’s popularity for wood flooring and furniture has made it relatively scarce today.  It’s the first choice for gun stocks and airplane propellers.

Walnut grows all over the Eastern and Midwestern United States, from Vermont to Florida and as far west as Kansas.  Unlike other trees which grow predominantly with their own species, walnut usually grows in mixed forests with maple, poplar, beech, and oak.

They are intolerant of shade and grow best in sunny locations with rich, moist soil.   You’ll often find them along river banks.  They can grow to heights of 150 feet, though 70 or 80 feet is more common.  And their massive branches can create a canopy that’s 80 feet across.

The sapwood of the walnut is nearly white, while the heartwood is the rich chocolate brown that’s highly prized for wood flooring.  Some wood even has a purplish appearance punctuated with dark streaks.  Most of the time, the texture is fine and the grain is straight and open.  But some burled and curly grain is available.  Because the uneven grain comes from stumps or crooked trees, it’s more expensive.

With a Janka Hardness of 1010, it’s not as hard as red oak, but it has excellent strength and stability.  In fact, it’s one of the most durable woods available for wood floors.  It resists splitting and it sands and finishes beautifully.  Sometimes, it’s bleaches to create a modern look.

One of the best things about walnut is that because the color is natural and goes all the way through, scratches, dents, and mars hardly show.  If your walnut wood floors are damaged, they probably won’t need to be refinished because what’s below the surface is the same as the surface.

A satin finish will also help to minimize the appearance of any imperfections.

The dark color makes a very dramatic room, so walnut is often used for borders or inlays.  Because of its stability, it’s a good choice if you’re installing over a radiant heating system or in high-humidity areas.

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Custom Glass Shower Doors

glass shower doorsSo you have decided to renovate your bathroom and have to decide about the new glass shower doors. There’s plenty of choice about in shower doors, but first you have to know what you are looking for. Are you putting a shower over a bathtub or a shower pan? What type of opening will you have? Will you go for framed or frameless glass shoer doors? What glass will you use? When you get to this point and the choices seem endless why not consider having a completely unique shower door.

By considering a custom shower door, you still have to decide how you want the shower door to open, and whether you want or need to have frames on the doors, but when you get to choosing the glass you can opt for something really special. Most custom glass doors are made with clear glass that has a design applied to the glass by etching or frosting. The design can be as obscure as you choose and the amount of privacy achieved will depend upon how much of the glass is frosted. If you like to be an individual then custom shower doors will appeal to you.

A Custom glass shower door will have whatever design you choose on it. It can be etched or frosted and will be as personal as you want it to be.  I have seen designs that consist of initials intertwined or  boats reflecting a sailing hobby or passion, which would look good in a nautically themed bathroom. Although you may wish to take care with the design as anything too personal may make selling your house later interesting!

With custom glass shower doors you will still have all the same decisions to make regarding frames and openings, but you can choose the glass to be really stunning!