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Red Curtains Create a Cozy Feel in Country-Style Kitchens

Kitchen decorative themes range from the ever-popular country-style to rustic, ranch, Italian farmhouse and French country manor. Red window curtains of appropriate fabric, design, shade of color and mounting system complement each of these styles and go a long way toward enhancing the look of the room. The bold color creates a cozy feeling in a room that is not only a workspace, but a social gathering place as well.

Kitchen window treatments must address two main concerns: function and aesthetic appeal. Window treatments should allow natural light to brighten the workspace, yet be integrated into the décor. For  example, kitchen tier curtains do a great job of this. Curtains soften strong light and heat from the sun, while admitting natural light and contributing to a pleasant atmosphere. The unavoidable splatters and build up of odors require that kitchen window dressings be of fabrics easy to launder such as cottons, cotton blends, linens and light synthetics.

The variation in color tones can be used to enhance a decorative theme. Rustic-themed kitchens often include dark woods; café curtains in bright, solid colors such as cherry or scarlet offset the dark wood. Valances of the same or contrasting color, or with a pattern, can be used to highlight accessories such as tablecloths, pottery or glassware.

Full, ruffled red and cream curtains with curtain tie backs give a cozy elegance to a French country manor-style kitchen. This color combination blends well with light-colored wooden cabinets and furniture and provides a pleasant accent to neutral walls and floors.

Pleated red checked curtains hung in two tiers with brass rings, or eyelet curtains, create a homey feel that complements an Italian farmhouse-style kitchen. Using the same colors of checked tablecloths and napkins creates a cohesive decorative scheme.

A well-lit, attractive kitchen serves not only as a pleasant workplace, but as a gathering place for friends and loved ones. There are many fairly inexpensive curtains, such as Waverly curtains, available online. Careful selection of window dressings creates a cozy atmosphere for work and pleasure.

Decorating Your Room With Vinyl Wall Quotes

Have you ever thought, “If only walls could speak…”? They can now, with vinyl wall quotes!  You can find almost anything, or it can be made up for you, in the vinyl industry. There are numerous vinyl quotes already available for purchase; inspirational, motivational, nursery rhymes, and love quotes, just to name a few. Personalized quotes can be made for an additional cost. These vinyl additions do amazing things to add flavor to the walls in your home. In minutes your walls can become a work of art. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and removable. However, they are intended to only be used once because of the thinness of the vinyl.

Installation is relatively easy. Necessary tools to have on hand are an all purpose cleaner, water in a squirt bottle, a wet sponge, dry cloths, ruler, level, straight edge, pencil, a burnishing tool (or a credit card will do), and the vinyl quote. You will need to prep the wall first by cleaning it with the cleaner, and wiping it down so no dust will prevent a good seal. Then with the water and sponge, wipe away any residue left from the cleaner. With your dry cloths, wipe down the wall to make sure it is completely dry.

The vinyl quotes come in three layers. The top layer is similar to masking tape and is called the transfer tape. The bottom layer has a grid pattern on the back and is glossy on the front. These two layers are only there to help with the application of the process. The middle layer contains the actual letters.

This is a wonderful way to add a “wow” factor to any area. There are quotes for laundry rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, a summer house, cabins, and nurseries, plus so many more. The options are endless. These could add warmth and personality to a room, or color and excitement to wake up to in the morning.

Bed Canopies on a Budget

If you are one of those people who love to lie in bed and imagine you are a princess, a bed canopy is just the thing for you. Surrounded by  yards and yard of soft sensuous silk, draped with ribbons and embedded with beads and crystals, you can stop imagining and feel like one under a canopy made for your very own bed. Although a silk canopy will cost you the earth, there’s no reason why you can’t have your own made out of faux silk in gorgeous colors to a  because bed canopies are back in fashion and now it is possible for you to indulge in your fantasy as much as you want.

Getting a bed canopy according to your budget is no problem these days because there are enough and more bed canopies that can be bought in stores and online. A basic canopy in any pretty color of your choice can be purchased for as little as $50 to $75 in nylon net fabric which is usually attached to a circular frame with a hook in the middle  to hang it on the ceiling. If you like something a little elaborate, you can make your own canopy by using curtain rods to which you fix, ready to use curtains with tabs on top or buy material of your choice and make the drapes to fall around your bed. If you opt for the latter, there’s such a variety of fabrics that can be used such as voiles, silks and chiffons in pastels, jewel colors or prints to make the prettiest of canopies.

Even while the canopy give you a sense of privacy and comfort, don’t forget that it also offers protection from flies, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies in the night, especially for those living in tropical countries. To most of these people, bed canopies are not just a decoration, but a life saver as well and afford protection from deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria and typhoid. For others who love the feeling of being cosseted, you can buy an inexpensive canopy or have one   made anyway you like and to suit your budget, which will give you even more satisfaction.

Kitchen Style Ideas on a Budget

Kitchen style ideas on a budget allow you to really decorate your room inexpensively. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of money for a remodel or you just don’t want to go through all of the drama of getting a new kitchen. Renovations can be really stressful but you can do smaller fixes like sprucing up your kitchen cupboard doors or purchasing new kitchen storage canisters. It can be difficult on your relationships and your wallet so it is important to just find ways to spruce up your room a little bit.

There are a few must haves that you can bring into the room that will really make a difference. Try changing out your lighting fixtures. Right now oversized drum shades are very popular. This can be traditional or modern depending on the color palette. This can be the focal point of your entire room and cost a lot less than you might think. This is perfect to hang over a dining table or even a kitchen island. You can even bring in color on the shade to really give a new look to a basic white room.

Find innovative storage solutions. You really need to get rid of all of the clutter and limit the kitchen canister sets on your countertop. This is going to give everything a fresh new look and you’ll have more of the allusion of space. Try hanging spice jars on the wall instead of using counter space for example. This also helps you to make the most of a small kitchen if you can’t afford to expand it.

One thing that you should have are updated barstools. These really come in all different kinds of shapes and  they are totally different than the basic oak one that you may be used to. Instead, you can just find one that really shows off your own kind of design style. For a contemporary room this could be white vinyl with very straight lines. For a traditional kind of space then go for a dark wood, rich fabric, and even ironwork on the back. This can also work beautifully with a Tuscan kind of design style.

Decorating Around White Cottage Style Furniture

White cottage style furniture can seem a little bit plain at first. This is why it’s important to incorporate it into the rest of the room. It does have pretty simple lines and basic paint finishes. However, it can be the base for a very specific and feminine kind of design style but can also work in a black and white room.

You can try painting the walls behind this furniture. Another option would be to go with wallpaper, which is going to give you more of a feminine kind of pattern. This could even be an oversized floral print if you wanted flowers but in more contemporary kinds of ways.

You can also really accent this with a lot of different accessories. A great way to do this is just a terra-cotta pot. You can use different chalkboard stickers on the front to mark the plants or flowers. You could also just put a lamp inside one of these for a very unique decorative accessory. You can also paint the pots with different colors and patterns for a whimsical kind of look. This is a great inexpensive craft project but it really is going to bring that garden feeling into your own home.

You’ll also want to pay attention to things like bed skirts and window treatments. They should all have white in them just so that it coordinates with your furniture and helps soften the harsh wood pieces. Plaids are a staple in the country kind of style. In this case you should have more feminine color palettes in pink and yellow as well as green. In fact these colors can all be together. Depending on how you style the rest of the room this is the perfect color palette for a little girl’s room, guest room, or even a master bedroom as long as you keep it sophisticated enough. You can also put this on lampshades or use it as artwork.

Tips When Shopping For Burgundy Velvet Curtains

Are you on the lookout for a bold and endearing window treatment for your home? If so, then why not purchase attractive burgundy velvet curtains. These window coverings will surely help to improve the general ambiance of the area where they will be installed in. That said, if you are looking for a cost-efficient way to update the look of your living room, dining, or bedroom, then the addition of such kind of window treatments is certainly a great way to do that.

When buying one, it is critical that you know how to effectively narrow down your options. In that case, here are some good shopping pointers that you have to bear in mind.

•    Get accurate measurements of the window where the curtains will be placed. Before you go shopping for velvet burgundy curtains, it is highly advised that you measure the window where they will be installed. Doing so will ensure that you will acquire one with the appropriate dimension. You definitely wouldn’t want to buy a curtain only to find out that is too short or too long for your window. Therefore, to save you time, money, and effort, be sure to list down the window measurements that you have acquired for easy reference. Decide in advance on style too, such as whether you want eyelet curtains or tabbed curtains.

•    Take note of the existing design scheme of your home. Since burgundy curtains can be quite overpowering when placed with subtle home décor, you have to determine whether they can mesh well with your home interior or not. Decide on the type of curtain tie backs you will accessorize with. However, if you are looking for striking and eye-catching window treatments, then burgundy velvet window drapes would definitely be an excellent choice.

•    Assess how much window coverage you really need – Be sure to find velvet burgundy draperies that will be able to provide full coverage to your window. This is important to guarantee that they will satisfy the purpose that they need to serve, which is to effectively cover your windows.

Take time to shop around and carefully sift through the available options to allow you to find the burgundy velvet window curtains that will seamlessly match your home’s interior scheme. You can check out the selection of Waverly curtains available at Lowes if you are looking for something that is great looking, yet not too expensive.

Floor Rugs as Decoration

Decorating one’s home can be both a fun and joyous experience. As many find, however, it can also quickly become a pain in the wallet as expenses for decorative pieces add up. While most people think of paint, curtains, new flooring, or furniture when thinking of ways to freshen up or change the look of a room, there is one small and relatively inexpensive article that can change the look or use of a room almost instantly: the area rug.

While decorative paint tricks, furniture placement techniques, and other decorating subjects are discussed in great depth in any decorating venue, area rugs are oftentimes looked over or assumed in use, leaving many unsure of just how to use them. Area rugs can be used to define a space within a room, pull together a look, or soften a hardwood or tile floor.

There are several things to think about before deciding on what sort of rug to use where:

• Are you using the rug on carpet or hard flooring? If you are putting the rug on wood or tile, you may want to keep in mind that rugs tend to slide. Fortunately, there are rug pads that can be put under the rug to prevent this from happening.

• What is the color scheme of the room? If you have very dark wood flooring, brown rugs will disappear, but a red rug may stand out too much. You may not wish to use a rug with a pattern if the room already has a lot of pattern. Rugs should accentuate your decorating, never overpower.

• Is the rug going to be in a high traffic, or messy area? Consider rugs that are made out of different materials. Bamboo and similar rugs are easier to clean, while rugs made from fibers like nylon, jute, and wool are softer to the touch but less durable

Regardless of the sort of fibers, area rugs are a classic and quick way to spruce up any room in any season.

Always Needed Folding Doors

Folding doors are mostly found on closets, pantries, kitchen cabinets and drawers as well as laundry rooms. These doors are preferred over other doors because they can easily open up widely offering a better access. They are also known as bi-fold doors because they can be opened in two ways. They also come in varying designs, styles and sizes made of different materials. This allows a home owner to choose from a wide variety of doors. Do all the research you want and take your time to evaluate your options before deciding on which door to purchase.

The first thing to do is to target have a target price range. Most of these doors have different prices depending on their materials. If you want a UPVC door then you can easily get cheap UPVC patio doors in the market. All you need to do is visit a home improvement store or a depot to check on the latest doors and their prices. Make a budget on the upper limit because various options and upgrades on the door might increase the price of the door.

Another thing you need before buying a folding door is to measure the opening of the place where you will place the door. This is an essential process because an accurate measurement will help you when it comes to the selection of the door. Remember to be accurate and precise as possible to avoid discrepancies as this may come to haunt you when you are fixing the door as the door may not fit properly.

After the measurements then you can choose the material and construction type for the folding door. There are many options to choose from here and this is mostly dictated with your budget and the function of the door. You can have solid wood folding door one that is made of fiberglass or even steel.

Then decide on the style and design of the door you want. Some of the popular styles of folding doors are the louvered ones, the raised panel types, mirrored folding doors and the flat panel type.

A Black Leather Chair Provides an Added Touch of Class

When you are thinking about adding a touch of class to your home or office, a black leather chair is the easiest way to do it. While leather chairs are nice in general, there is something extra special about black leather. It conveys a sense of sophistication that leather in other colors simply may not provide.

When you add a black leather chair to your house or apartment, it will give the entire room a classic look and feel. No matter what kind of decor you have in the room, your new chair will provide it with a more stylish appearance. The comfortable, sleek appearance of your chair will extend to the whole room, creating a warm, classy atmosphere. Whether you are planning a significant amount of redecorating, or planning to make only a couple of improvements, this is the one chair you definitely need.  It coordinates well with any style of decor and any color scheme, or you can design a new room decor around it.

These chairs are excellent for your office too. They can be businesslike and casual at the same time.  Everyone who enters the office will surely be impressed by the smooth, beautiful material and traditional design. The fine quality of pure, natural leather means it will stay in perfect condition for many years. It is a welcoming touch to any office, and all of your clients and co-workers will quickly agree.

Leather chairs are available in many different colors; from neutrals to an array of colors one would not normally consider for home or office chairs. It is a good idea to bypass these chairs. While they might look appealing online or in a store, they clearly lack all of these benefits you can only have if you choose a black chair.

When considering a new chair, you want much more than a quality-made, practical piece of furniture.  You want one you will be proud to own, enjoy using, and one that your guests will admire and appreciate.  The appeal of colorful chairs will not last very long. Your sense of style depends on choosing the very best.

Clever Uses for Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are excess pieces. They are what is left after a room has already been covered. People are wise nowadays and tend to sell carpet remnants at a reduced price. Carpet remnants are useful. There is a high demand for them and that is why they are being sold by carpet manufacturers.  Noisy appliances like washers, washing machines and dryers are annoying; a carpet remnant can be placed under the appliance to reduce the sound.

Carpet remnants would also be great to place in your dog’s or cat’s house.  Pet cats can also use carpet remnants as scratching post. You can install them in an upward direction and place nails in to keep them still. Gardeners can also benefit from using carpet remnants to keep private ground paths clear of weeds. For yoga instructors carpet remnants can also serve as yoga mats. Sit-ups, curls and rolls can be done using the material left from the carpet.  Cars can also use extra floor mats; cut the carpet remnant evenly and secure it in place.

These left over pieces of area rugs can be used for staircases to protect your feet. Knees would also benefit if a carpet remnant is placed on the ground while washing the floor. Weeding and gardening would also be less painful; the remnants of the carpet can serve as knee pads while doing these tasks.  Carpet remnants can also be used in maintaining clean and dry flooring. It prevents the floor from constant scratching caused by opening and closing the door over and over again.

Left over pieces from carpets are so versatile, they can also be used as buffers for shoes. Teachers can also use them to wipe blackboards and for cleaning windowsills.  Pots and pans clatter noise can be reduced if a carpet remnant is used as a cushion.  It is such a great item, its uses are endless.  It could also be used as extra grip for times when people get stuck in the snow while fixing your flat tires. Workshop tools, toys, gadgets and other household items can be secured by carpet remnants.  It can also be used as a hallway runner.   An imaginative person would find numerous ways to make use of carpet remnants. All it takes it patience in finding the perfect fit for the carpet remnants.

Minimalist Interior Design: The Bare Necessities

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of themes or types of designs for the inside of your home. Many shops are dedicated to these styles, from modern to contemporary, from Victorian to country.  Themes that cover, or accentuate, things like safaris, or Native American textiles, or the Far East, still have something in common: they all embellish with photographs, flowers, books, vases, and little statues.  All themes with the exception of one: minimalist interior design.

This type of interior design is appearing more and more in homes, here and around the world.  It has had some surges since it was coined in 1965, when stark white rooms with geometric designs appeared, but it has changed since then.   This type of home decoration says it all within the word of minimalist. In this type design, whether it is in works of art, or building architecture, or even interior design, it all comes down to the bare necessities.  Just to have what is needed to make the room useful, yet pleasing to the eye, but very uncluttered.  The walls are usually white and unadorned with framed pictures; instead, the walls are textured, or shadowed with lighting.  The furniture is sharp and angled, and low in number, but with a splash of color from a thick throw blanket, or pillows softens and can make the room comfortable.  This is a design is the absolute meaning of “less is more”.

For those that want a room that is decorated with color, texture or lighting, instead of knickknacks, curio cabinets, a 3 shelf bookcase and magazines, this is for you.  This design is a much softer, and more inviting today, than that of the near-sterile feeling it had in its beginning.  A house that has this design carried throughout it interior, or even if its just one room, can be just as warm or inviting as any other.  It can be almost a work of art in itself.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are an elegant, yet simple way to dress up your windows. While an eyelet curtain can be hung on any length window they look particularly stunning on full length windows. Readymade eyelet curtains are hung by threading a curtain pole through the metal curtain eyelets at the top of the curtain. Curtains usually come in sets with two panels provided per window. Curtains with eyelets are easily drawn back and secured with a curtain tie back during the day, and pulled across the curtain pole at night. It is also very easy to sew your own eyelet curtains, providing you have some basic sewing skills.

Eyelet curtain poles are made from either metal or wood. They frequently have a finial on the end that keeps the curtain from coming off and is decorative at the same time.  Poles can be found in many different diameters.

Eyelet Curtain Styles

There are as many different styles of eyelet window curtains as there is material. Curtains can be made from silk, velvet, faux silk, cotton, polyester cotton blend, or basically any other type of curtain fabric. They can be made from patterned material or plain material. White eyelet curtains made from fine material give a beautiful airy appearance to any room, as do eyelet lace curtains.

Eyelet curtains can be placed in almost any room, though the most common are eyelet kitchen curtains, eyelet café curtains in the dining room or eyelet fabric curtains gracing your long living room windows. Kitchen tier curtains can also be made in eyelet style.

If the curtains are patterned care should be taken to ensure that the pattern is not too overwhelming and that it blends naturally with your room furniture and décor. Patterns are usually softer, a blend of one or two colors rather than having large mixes of different colored patterns. Horizontal strips are a favorite with eyelet curtains although care needs to be taken, especially with handmade curtains, to ensure that the horizontal stripes match exactly when the curtain is closed.

Another common pattern or style is to have a large stripe of different colored material at the top of the curtain, where the eyelets are. The width of this stripe can vary anywhere from six to even eighteen inches. A delightful variation on this style is to have the regular curtain material at the top where the eyelets are, a different colored stripe below the eyelets followed by the regular curtain material again. While there are no standard patterns as such, horizontal lines do seem to be a favorite with these types of curtains. You can make your curtain tie backs from the same colored material as the stripe.

Asia Chocolate Faux Silk Floral Embroidered 44 In. x 84 In. Panel Asia Chocolate Faux Silk Floral Embroidered 44 In. x 84 In. Panel

Add a touch of elegance to your room with this tailored window panel in a lovely shade of chocolate. The panel is constructed of a gorgeous faux silk polyester fabric with a hint of shimmer and is detailed with embroidered floral motifs on top and bottom. Each panel features a wide three-inch rod pocket for use with a standard or decorative drapery rod. The window panel measures 44 inches wide by 84 inches long and is sold individually. Drapery rod shown is not included.

For a curtain with a difference, different colored eyelet curtain panels can be hung on the one rod. This works very well if you have a large wide window. You could alternate two complementary colors, such as a dark blue and a light blue for example. Or you could be more daring and have all different colored panels across an entire window. Of course, if you want to do something like this you do have to have the surrounding décor matching otherwise it can look very mismatched and almost garish.

Where to Buy Eyelet Curtains: Eyelet Curtains for Sale

There is a large selection of eyelet curtains online. Fortunately, as they are very easy to measure for and hang, it is a relatively simple procedure to order and buy your curtains online. If you are a really savvy shopper you will keep an eye out for an eyelet curtains sale and make your purchase then. Sometimes you will find them listed as grommet curtains rather than eyelet curtains. You can, of course also find them at almost any local store that sells curtains.

If you are looking specifically for cheap eyelet curtains then you may want to check out what is available on Amazon, eBay, HomeDepot or other similar online stores. For more expensive curtains, check out some of the larger online stores that specialize in curtains and drapes.

Asia Gold Faux Silk Floral Embroidered 44 In. x 84 In. Panel Asia Gold Faux Silk Floral Embroidered 44 In. x 84 In. Panel

Add a touch of elegance to your room with this tailored window panel in a lovely shade of gold. The panel is constructed of a gorgeous faux silk polyester fabric with a hint of shimmer and is detailed with embroidered floral motifs on top and bottom. Each panel features a wide three-inch rod pocket for use with a standard or decorative drapery rod. The window panel measures 44 inches wide by 84 inches long and is sold individually.

Measuring for Eyelet Curtains

When measuring for eyelet curtains it is best if you allow for a double gather as this will give a nice pleat to the curtains when they are closed. In other words, if your window is eight feet across, buy two eight feet wide panels and put one panel on each side of the window. This way the curtain will look great whether opened or closed.

As far as the length of the curtain, some people suggest that it should not drop to the floor. It is true that you do not want the curtains dragging on the floor. Not only does it usually not look very good but you will also end up with curtains that need frequent cleaning. You will also find that the part that drags on the floor will wear very quickly, making the whole curtain eventually look quite shabby.

The curtain should fall almost to the floor. Allow a one to a one and a half clearance at the bottom of the curtain. If by chance you mess up on your measurements and you find that the curtains are a tad too long when you get them home it is usually a fairly simple procedure to simply raise the top bar a little to accommodate this.

Eyelet Curtains: How to Hang

If you are wondering how to hang eyelet curtains, rest assured. There really are no simpler curtains to hang than eyelet curtains. First you should attach the rod brackets to the wall at the appropriate height. This will usually require the use of a power drill and screws (which should come with the curtain rod). Next thread the curtains onto the rod, and then place the rod on the brackets with the patterned side of the curtains facing inwards.

Most curtain poles made for eyelet curtains are made from metal, such as stainless steel, brass, or brushed steel. There are also decorative wooden curtain poles available also. The poles should come with two small finials or decorative tops that go on the ends of the poles. While these are not essential, it is a very good idea as it prevents the curtain from coming off the end of the pole.

51 - 96 In. Matte Black Square Architectural Metal Drapery Rod Set 51 – 96 In. Matte Black Square Architectural Metal Drapery Rod Set

House Parts Classic Home metal line of drapery hardware was created in the European style of quality and design, giving you the look of customized metal hardware at a fraction of the cost. The clean, sleek design of the Square Architectural set can be used in transitional and contemporary decor.

How to Make Eyelet Curtains

If you can sew a little, these are definitely some of the simplest curtains to make. It is pretty much all straight seams, with a nice four to six inch hem on the bottom. The main trick will be placing the eyelets. You will need to buy material, eyelets for curtains, eyelet curtain rings, and if you want it to be really simple, eyelet curtain tape.

I am not a seamstress so I will not insult your intelligence by pretending to know how to make eyelet curtains, and then copying vague instructions here from another website that was actually copied from another site and so on…

However a quick search online came up with the following instructions for sewing them that may get you started:

Better yet, here are some books from Amazon with detailed instructions on how to sew eyelet curtains.
There—I did the searching for you!

Click on the books below to check out the books on Amazon

River Rock Tile Flooring

River rock tile flooring is the latest trend in interior home design. These river rock tile floors are unusual and amazing to observe. The main feature of River rock tiles are the elegant mosaic patterns. The ceramic tiles of yesterday are out of fashion. Out with ceramic tiling and enter the beautiful and trendy, new river rock tiles. If you desire  the Greek style or rustic look,river rock tile flooring will furnish that effect.

The nice thing about river rock floor tile flooring is they can be used not only indoors but outside on decks and patios. No matter which type of flooring you pick out,you will be very pleased with the appearance of these lovely, fashionable floors. Nature and living green seems to be the trend now. River rock floor tiling gives you the chance to bring the natural outdoors inside. River rock tiles look good no matter where you place them. This kind of flooring can be laid in bathrooms, hallways, or kitchens. The river rock tiles can also provide old-fashioned charm to fireplaces. It will likely be the loveliest makeover the house you will ever see.

There are enormous benefits of river rock tiles. It is easy to take care of and clean. The tiles come in natural or gloss finish. Lay the tiles inside or outdoors. Cover your fireplaces or kitchen counter tops, and even walls. The benefits of river rock tiles are infinite to the ways you can use the flooring.

Putting in river rock floor tiling is simple. You can buy the river rock tiles on the average twelve buy twelve mesh which is more convenient to lay in narrow spots than ceramic tiling. The mesh supports of river rock tile are interlaced so all you have to do is snap them in and they are ready. That is essentially all you have to do. Buy these beautiful river rock floor tilings and make all you family and neighbors jealous of your lovely new floors.

Bar Tables and Chairs

When you are looking out for bar tables the total process can be a lot of fun as you have a wide variety of furniture to choose from. There are times at which you may even lay your hands on good deals that offer a complete package comprising the bar table and the chairs or stools that come wit them. When you are of a mind to get a bar table into your home there are a lot of options that you can consider. You can either think of getting a bar table from a store of you can choose to build one on your own. Land based stores have a lot of variety and there is no harm in going to check out their range and then implementing a few of the designs to your bar table.

The important aspect to keep in mind while buying bar tables is the height, length, width as well as size issue. You should buy or build a bar table that is big enough to fit in the room as well as it should have enough room to spare around the table for well formed seating arrangements.

When it comes to styles a number of styles are available, right from rustic to colonial to contemporary metal bar tables. The type of style that you choose for your bar table should be such that it matches with the overall effects of you home. Similarly the seats that you buy for your bar tables should be of the same quality and style so as to keep up the overall beauty of the table. You can go in for hardwood stools, raised stools, metal chairs, leather styled chairs when it comes to seating arrangement for your bar tables. Last but not the least look for good quality bar tables as it is a good idea to invest in something that will last for a long time.

Homemade Wall Decor

A plain and simple wall can be brought to life by any decorative piece, but you don’t have to splurge on paint, wallpaper, and expensive decorative pieces. Just put your thinking cap on and find things you already have around the house to spruce up your walls. Here are a few tips for making your own wall decorations.

Instead of using paint and wallpaper, put up a huge map of the world. It will definitely make the wall look more interesting, and if you have children, educational too. Your kids can learn a thing or two about geography just by hanging out in the room. It’s also a great conversation starter at parties, when your guests start talking about trips they’ve made and places they would love to visit.

Another fun project is making block posters. With the help of a website application, you can turn any image into a poster as large as you like and print the pages on your computer then assemble them on the wall.

A collage can make a colorful and fun statement in your room. This is an easy task because you just need to cut out images from magazines, newspapers and catalogs, then attach a large piece of paper on the wall, spray the entire surface of the paper with spray adhesive, and stick the cut outs one by one. If you feel like adding something else on another day, just spray the back of the cut out with spray adhesive and once again stick it on the collage. This will allow you to express yourself freely, and can serve as both a creative outlet and an inspiration board.

6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Fun Flowers Mural

6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Fun Flowers Mural

Make your walls come to life with this adorable fun flower block mural. A perfect wall mural to brighter any room. The mural is divided and packaged into panels and prepasted for ease of installation. The mural is washable and strippable when it’s time to remove.

You can even make a curtain out of old baseball cards, greeting cards and postcards and hang them on your walls. Punch a hole on all four sides of each card and tie one card to another using a ribbon or metal rings. If you do not have enough cards to make a paper curtain, you can use card holders or photo slots from unused albums instead. You can put a picture on each slot until you slowly fill them up.

To create something memorable that will remind you of the months and years that have gone by, you can make a memory wall, sort of like a guest book. Just frame a large piece of paper and attach it to the wall. Every time you have a family reunion or a friend visits, have them write a message on the paper. You can also add pictures of yourself and your loved ones, vacation shots, and beautiful scenery you have captured on film.

Decorating your walls can be turned to a fun and memorable activity. Involve the whole family and let everybody be part of the creation, from the first brainstorming session to the final big reveal. Not only do you get to spend quality family time together, you will end up with some very unique wall decor solutions.

If you are not quite up to making your own wall decorations, you can still find some great items for sale for relatively cheap prices, many of which can be bought online at stores such as Home Depot for example. Here are a few items for those who feel a little less confident of creating your own wall decor.

Orion Wall Decor - Set of 4

Orion Wall Decor – Set of 4

Impressive black and gold metal round starburst Orion wall decor. Complimentary set of four. These round starburst Orion wall pieces make a very bold statement. Would be perfect on a bold color wall to show through the open design.

Choosing Proper Wood Plank Flooring

Getting the perfect look for your home highly depends on the style of flooring you have in each room. Carpet can be beautiful, but nothing looks as grand as finished hardwood flooring. The style of wood plank flooring you choose depends on several factors, including the look you want to accomplish, your budget, and whether or not you want to take special precautions when keeping the flooring clean.

For those who do not have budget concerns and want to make sure their home has the best wood flooring available on the market, solid oak flooring is often the choice. Oak flooring can be finished or unfinished, meaning if you purchase the unfinished variety you can stain the wood to any color you want before you varnish it. This is a great money saving tip if you want true wood plank flooring that is darker than traditional solid oak flooring.

If you want to mimic the look of wood plank flooring without the cost associated, you should consider purchasing laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is made to resemble wood flooring, but it requires special care to be taken when during and after installation. Most notably, you want to apply some sort of padding between your furniture and your floor so that it does not create scuffs. Area rugs and runners are the perfect way to do this.

Aside from this, laminate flooring cannot be washed the same way wood flooring can, so if you do not want special conditions for the care of your floor, true wooden flooring is probably the way to go. Laminate flooring cannot be mopped traditionally because water can get into the seams and warp them, creating a mess of your floor. This stipulation does not hold true for properly varnished wooden flooring, so it is an easier to clean option for anyone seeking beautiful flooring.

Give an Edge to Your Bedroom with the Shabby Chic Furniture

The concept of shabby chic furniture is relatively new to the world of interiors yet has been accepted and welcomed worldwide. This kind of interior decoration lends a look of ease and comfort to the house, especially the bedroom and the lounge area.

People who have a passion of heritage and worn out furniture can actually make the most of this idea to redefine the decor of their houses and lend a vintage feel to it as well. The most popular items in the shabby chic bedroom furniture set are the worn out oak and mahogany dressers, wooden corner and shelves and even the Victorian mirrors that give an illusion of a heritage look to the bedroom besides making it look bigger.

One can also make use of lace trimmings on the upholstery, chic carpets with tatters and silk thread work to achieve a grunted and worn out look which is the new fashion statement for the famous and stylish today. In fact the concept has gained so much popularity that the manufacturers of new furniture are coating it with copper, blue and even green colored enamel spray to achieve the desired shabby look and make it a hot selling product. The color palette used for such look is quite soft with great usage of checks, stripes, floral patterns in lighter and faded hues to add an antique touch to the decor. Using antique photo frames, worn out dressers made from brass and copper and (which are repainted to achieve a better finish) are a great add on for some trendy interiors.

One can look for the antique furniture stores to grab hold of such items or else you can also pick this kind of furniture from junk shops that sell the items at throw away prices and you can re-do them in a desired manner to achieve your preferred look. Wicker furniture sometimes works well for this type of look.

How You Can Decorate Your House

Living in a beautiful house is a nice dream. However, this dream cannot be accomplished without a beautiful decoration. Having good home and garden furniture is the code to reach this beautiful aim. Wherein, we can have a really nice home with a charming design enhanced by excellent furnishings. Solid oak sideboards, wicks furniture, curtain styles and pine dining chairs are some equipment that we can decorate our homes with.

While choosing the best equipment for our dwellings, some factors have to be considered by a homeowner. The quality of furniture is the first factor that can guide us to attain the best items. The material used in the manufacturing process must be taken from the pure source of this stuff. For instance, wood is among the refined qualities of materials. We can mention pine and oak wood as examples.

Homogeneity in design must be respected in the whole decoration. So you have to keep in mind that your furniture items must be combined with each other in a complimentary way. So it’s much better if you gather your equipment from the same furniture collection, such as pine furniture.

Colors represent the real beauty side of home decoration, especially when they were synchronized in a charming way in order to show a glamorous image of the design. It’s not necessary for the furniture to be picked from the same color. Wherein, you can make a rainbow design in your home by gathering various furniture colors.

Home furniture is available in different designs, and can go with any taste and flavor. So that every homeowner can make his own decoration, that fits his taste. Concerning prices, this issue has been already figured out. So you are not obliged to spend too much money to get the best furniture quality. You can enhance your house decoration with the really affordable prices.

Buying Bedroom Furniture: Three Things You’ll Be Glad You’ve Done First

When remodeling your bedroom, don’t be tempted to leave these three key stages to chance. Get these right and you’ll have a great new bedroom without the tears!

1.Get a budget:

Blowing all your cash on a fantastic mirror or designer curtains and cushions will leave you precious little when you need somewhere to stash your stuff or get a good night’s sleep. Decide on your priorities. What is the most important purchase and what can you save on. A good quality mattress is without doubt the first priority, don’t skimp on this, it’s a false economy. You’ll be looking for a new one in a year or so if you get it wrong whereas a good mattress will last years.

2. Measure the size of the room:

Falling in love with a sleigh bed or an antique armoire will only break your heart if you can’t squeeze it in through the door of the bedroom or up the stairs to your 3rd floor apartment. make sure that you know the dimensions of your current furniture if you have any, to give you an idea of what can be placed in your bedroom. If you want someting large, don’t forget the flat pack option.

3. Work out your storage and sleeping needs:

If you have tons of stuff to store have a clear out first so you don’t spoil your new room with clutter. Then work out a plan for storage based on what’s left. Now you know your storage needs.

If you or your partner are really tall then you have some very specific needs that need to be a priority when designing the way your bedroom works. If you are really tall, remember that a bed should allow 5-6inches extra in length for you to be able to get a restful night’s sleep. You may need to look at a longer bed if you are taller than five foot eight inches.

Now you know exactly what you need, the fun part can begin. depending on your budget there a thousands or bedroom furniture stores to trawl for your ideal bedroom and if you want to be creative you can buy and renovate used furniture as well. Whatever style you choose your bedroom furniture, when chosen well, will serve you for many years to come.

Enhance Your New Deck with Recessed Deck Lighting

What could be more relaxing then spending the evening outdoors on your very own deck? Of course, if you are going to be outside in the evening you should have some type of lighting so you can see properly. Recessed deck lighting is a way to create light while still maintaining the attractive appearance of your deck. The recessed deck lights are placed in areas where they naturally fit in with the design of your particular deck style. Some units can be placed into the flooring while others are used on top of posts.

If your specific deck has a rail going around it, you might want to consider deck post lighting. These are lights which easily attach to the top of the posts and are made to match the different styles of post beam on the market today. Some units come as a traditional square head type and are available in different sizes. Most models of post light fixtures will require a traditional wire installation which uses an electrical source, while other more modern models are solar powered. The solar style of recessed deck lighting does not require an electrical source for operation other than direct access to the sun’s rays.

You might notice how people with patios will often use some type of lighting for their steps. This is generally accomplished by placing various recessed lights either on the steps or on the sides of each step. Deck step lights are highly important safety and security measures as well especially if you plan to utilize your deck during the night hours.  The fixtures create a soft light which makes it easy to see where to walk to and from your deck area. If you have put a lot of thought, effort, and money into the design of a deck, it is definitely time to add lighting so you can begin enjoying the space at all hours of the day.