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Planning and Choosing Lighting for Your 2012 Kitchen Renovation

Like a lot of home owners you might be looking to take advantage when the 2012 January and February Sales start, and one place of focus could be a kitchen renovation in order to give it a sleek and modern design appearance.  One aspect will be to buy a new refrigerator and updated work cabinets to fit the new style, but make sure that careful consideration is given to the light fixtures and fittings as this is an aspect sometimes overlooked.

Getting your lighting correct can enhance your kitchen and show off the aesthetic aspects as well as making the working areas easier to use once up and running.  Here are a few short tips on how you can choose the perfect lighting set-up for your new kitchen renovation in 2012.

What You Should Know About Kitchen Lighting

Any lighting should always complement your kitchen interior, and you can achieve this with a strategic approach to all the fixtures.  You want to show of the space and ensure you don’t have unsatisfactory working conditions when preparing meals.

Don’t make the common error of installing just one central light fixture in the middle of the ceiling space as this will mean you get shadows that will not effectively illuminate appliances and cabinets.  As an example, if you’ve purchased a new stainless steel Samsung refrigerator you will want it to be the main focal point along with the main work surface – imagine how cool it will look with the right amount of light bouncing off it?

How to Plan Your Kitchen Lighting and Illumination

  1. Firstly check into any local lighting ordinances and legislation if you are installing the fixtures by yourself.  There might be local safety and energy standards to comply with.
  2. Break up the kitchen space into working areas.  This will help you to decide where the fixtures will be placed for maximum effect.  Sinks and counters always tend to benefit from narrow light beams as task lighting.
  3. Define switch placements by grouping so you can make use of different switches to control various groups of lights that can be associated to the separate working areas.

How to Install and Choose Your Lights

  1. Measure the kitchen to understand the amount of light fixtures required.  Guidance to follow should be one recessed fixture for every 4 to 6 feet of ceiling area – this will give you an even illumination.
  2. Some American states and regions require home owners to use fluorescent or HID lighting – make sure to check with your local authority for exact specifications.
  3. If there’s insulation in the ceiling you will need to install housing that’s safety ratified to be used with insulation material.
  4. 4. For switch selection consider dimmers for any lights that are positioned in the corners.  Individual switches work better over commonly used working spaces. 

Author Biography – Brian S of Refrigerator Reviews 4 U

Brian S has worked in the kitchen appliance industry for over 20 years and runs the popular Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website.  It contains price comparison on fridge freezers on all major brands including Samsung, Amana, LG, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool.

Sprucing Up The Kids Room with Wall Art

Sometimes a new coat of paint in a bedroom just doesn’t cut it for originality. If you’ve been struggling to find ideas for how to decorate your kids room, consider using something like kids wall art to really spice things up a bit. Wall art obviously comes in many different styles and themes, which is why it’s important to get your child’s input before you just buy anything. If you’re trying to surprise your little one with a new bedroom to come home to, consider looking through his favorite games or books for ideas. And depending on their age, you could get away with a neutral color theme or design scheme if you’re stuck for ideas.

The best part about kid’s art is that it generally goes well with almost any starting room or color. This means that you can put up a new coat of paint to get things started and finish the room off with the art if you’re looking to add some more color. When looking for art, make sure that it’s age appropriate and not something that could be too violent or scary for your child. Another good thing to keep in mind is where the art will be hanging. Having the art too low makes it boring to look at, and having it too high puts it out of your child’s line of sight. Hanging your child’s art in the middle of the wall is a good spot to keep it out of reach of them as well as keep it visible when they’re lying in bed or playing with their friends.

Photo By: Alistair

If your kid’s room isn’t the only thing that needs sprucing up in terms of wall art, another cool idea to try out is vinyl wall art. Vinyl art works by taking what are essentially giant stickers and pasting them to the wall. The best part about these giant stickers though is that they don’t leave any residue or glue to the wall, making them extremely easy to take off and move to another location if you’d like. Plus, the lack of damage to the wall makes moving a breeze if all you have to do is take your art down and be on your way without having to worry about repainting the walls. Vinyl art comes in many different styles to suit almost any mood of a room. If shopping online, be sure to find out the measurements of the art you’re looking at so that you know how big it is against your wall before you buy it.

Tiffany Lighting Lamps

Tiffany is a lighting style that originated at the turn of the century in the hands of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Beginning as a stack of cut off glass edges, the first Tiffany lamp shade was a collection of over one hundred individual pieces soldered together. The stained glass pattern was further enhanced with the use of electric light bulbs.

Tiffany style lights are see today in many forms. The same principle of the stained glass has been preserved, but the inclusion of lots of various light fixtures has translated it from just lamps into being an option for ceiling fans, accent lights, flush mount ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, island lights, and more. The first step away from exclusively being a table lamp was the longer stemmed bases of the floor lamps.

Some of the most popular Tiffany styles are the Dragon Fly and Wisteria. Flowers, birds, fruit are among some of the kinds originally developed by the Tiffany Girls. Many other patterns today still follow the same overall idea but with more economical ways of crafting them.

Original Tiffany lighting is at a premium of over a million dollars per light. Their beauty and early American craftsmanship only gains value throughout the years. There are some companies that still build them with the same technique that LC Tiffany developed originally but not at the absorbent prices as the originals. These replicas use the copper foil edging and all hand cut pieces, but instead of needing $1,000,000 you only need about $5,000 to purchase one.

Photo By: Eden, Janine and Jim

For those who like the appeal of the stained glass but $5,000 still seems like a lot to spend, then there are the shelf brands to choose from. Amazon, among other websites have a wide variety of Tiffany style lights. Also local specialty lighting galleries offer a wide variety.  Some of the cutest I saw recently were stained glass backed turtles and a delicate butterfly. Accent lights are designed to sit on the floor or on a table and be lit up. While  not intended as a light source, the serve instead as a conversation piece, part of the decor of the room, or to help tie various colors in the interior decorating together.

The choice of your Tiffany lamp lighting depends heavily on what area you desire to light with it, if you are after radiance of light or the soft glow of various colors, and the interior design of your home.

Get a Lil’ Country with Southern Home Decorating Ideas!

The warmest home decorating ideas are those that are both grounded and gracious – two words that have always been associated with the elegant styles of iconic southern design. Country living has moved into the modern age, bringing with it a whole slew of new possibilities for personal and expressive home decor.

Rich, soothing tones are a common theme often presented gracefully in the southern home by using bold furniture, natural finishes, and sometimes even beautiful exposed joinery. Displays of personal and family artifacts are not uncommon, often appearing in tasteful asymmetrical groupings. There is never any doubt that comfort and personality play a crucial in modern country houses.

Photo By: R. Clock

Southern charm is all about the details: well-set tables, intimate seating arrangements, intricate furniture hardware, layered textures, and playful patterns. Consider using cork instead of cabinet handles, or use a stack of worn books to accent a vase of flowers. Bring it all together with an exquisite black chandelier – chosen carefully of course!

Anything ordinary can become part of the rustic atmosphere: antique maps can be framed and hung, an heirloom quilt can be displayed on a bed-end chest, postcards can be stacked and tied with a ribbon to be placed beside an arrangement of family photographs. Finally, sentimental items can take their place out in the open instead of being stored away.

The quintessential southern home is far from cliché; it is a spectacular display of heritage, memories, and collective experience.  These dwellings are not about vintage or modern home decorating ideas, but about updating the traditional favorites of generations past.

Beware – these ornamental interior design ideas can be overdone! To keep your country home from becoming what is known as “shabby chic” make sure that there is rhyme and reason to each personal touch. Southern style is known for elegance and sublime simplicity, two distinctive traits for which there are no substitute.

Are Custom Plantation Shutters Worth The Money?

Ordering Shutters For Your Home
Plantation shutters are one of the most elegant and timeless window treatments you can purchase for your home. They are often made with solid woods like basswood, but occasionally can be found in more affordable varieties made with a faux wood or vinyl composite. The most common way to order shutters for your home is to call a contractor in your area to come measure each window individually and install them properly. Unlike fabric shades or blinds which can be easily trimmed to fit, there is very little room for error when you build plantation shutters.

Constructed with louvered doors on hinges, plantation shutters can be operated with the panels closed allowing complete control of light and privacy, or they can be opened to reveal the window entirely for cleaning or uninhibited ventilation. Additionally, plantation shutters made of solid woods can be painted or stained to match any type of trim or decor.

Benefits Of Shutters
Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile window treatments you can buy. They can even be custom made for hard to treat windows like arch or circles, and they can even be fashioned into door blinds for your entryway windows. But aside from their aesthetic appeal, there are a number of functional benefits of shutters as well.

  • Ventilation – Whether completely opened, or partially opened, shutters give you complete control of the amount of ventilation and breeze that enters the room. Even when the louvers are closed for privacy you can allow some air to enter the room.
  • Light – Plantation shutters are second to none in light control. Their louvers can be adjusted to any angle to block direct UV rays while allowing natural sunlight to enter and bathe the room with warmth and comfort.
  • Easy To Clean – Simply wipe down with a wet rag. No dry cleaner or spot washing required.

Taking Scrapbooking to Cardboard Decorative Storage Boxes

For many people, scrapbooking is a great way to exercise creativity and to keep memories intact. A scrapbook is a wonderful gift on a special occasion, or can just be something that you keep to remind you of the meaningful moments and people in your life. Not to mention it is also affordable since you can recycle materials and be creative with them. Scrapbooking, however, should not just be limited to an actual scrapbook or notebook. One thing you can do is to take all your scrapbooking talents and focus them onto ordinary cardboard storage containers to make something unique.

Cardboard decorative storage boxes are one version of a scrapbook that is a little more interactive. You can place more on them, without being limited to things that you can stick on paper. While you can still decorate it with photos and stickers, and fill it with tickets, letters and notes just like a scrapbook, you can also put heavier and bigger items on it, like shells from the beach or small toys.

Making a cardboard decorative storage box is easy. Remember that you can use your old scrapbooking material for it. The lid of your decorative cardboard storage box is the most visible, so you should spend a lot of time considering what to do with it. You can cover it with wrapping paper, magazine cut outs, or even old fabric.

You can use your glitter glue, stickers, photos and picture frames to decorate the lid as well. However, you can also explore other options that you normally would not be able to with a normal scrapbook. For example, you can decoupage your decorative cardboard storage box, or use paper mache to decorate it. You can even make pop ups on the lid to make it more interesting.

Remember, however, that cardboard is not exactly the sturdiest material. You can keep your cardboard storage box safe by keeping it away from moisture and humidity. You can also choose, after decorating it, to cover it with layers of varnish to make it more professional looking and stronger.

How To Add Mirrors To A Modern Home

When incorporating mirrors into the decor of a room, it is not simply a matter of hanging a large mirror on the wall and hoping for the best. Unless you carefully consider what will be reflected, your room may look larger and brighter, but also cold and sterile. A mirror placed opposite of a window may reflect lots of daylight, but if it catches direct sunlight, the brightness may become blinding.

The idea is to create interest and depth, as well as brightness. Place your mirror to reflect interesting lines and colours of other furniture within the room, or draw attention to a particular area for effect. Add a touch of warmth or elegance by placing flowers in front. Foliage, such as an indoor ivy, allowed to drape itself around the edge of your mirror will create a nostalgic effect, while broad leaved plants partly hiding the mirror create a feeling of mystery. Groups of candles of varying lengths can look stunningly dramatic in daylight, while spreading a warm glow around the room at night. Try amplifying the effect by placing mirrors on more than one wall, creating reflections of reflections. Alternatively, try using several small, differently shaped mirrors in the same area of a wall. A slightly larger Sunburst mirror with several smaller mirrors placed stratetically around it, for example, would create a stunning display.

Even in the bathroom, where mirrors are above all functional, a well placed mirror can create a totally different look. A large mirror reflecting the lines of your walk in shower will add depth and interest to your bathroom. A silver coloured Sunburst mirror to complement the chrome of your taps and fittings, stunning as it is on its own, will add an extra splash of colour as it catches the colours of the curtain on your walk in shower.

What is the Most Common Material Used on Kitchen Splashbacks?

When designing or updating a kitchen, everyone considers the appliances that will be used, or what color the kitchen will be, but small, vital, things can be overlooked. Splashbacks for kitchens are key to keep a kitchen looking new and clean.  They can be made from a variety of materials, though the most common is kitchen tile.

Kitchen tiles are one of the most common materials for splashbacks because they are versatile and easy to clean. The tiles are available in stores in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are easy to maintain, though others may require special cleaners to protect them from damage.

Tiling must be taken care of like anything else in the kitchen to maintain its sleek beauty. Some liquids, such as wine or some sauces, may permanently stain kitchen tile. Some tile can crack or chip, despite its approval for most uses.  Excessive pressure or force can cause these cracks, so in a kitchen with a lot of heavy items that may be moved, be certain that some kind of protective cover is used to keep the splashback from getting broken.

A few cracked tiles are not generally easy to repair; the best option is to simply replace them.  When installing a splashback in the home, keeping a few extra tiles in case of damage is always a good plan.  If lacking extra tiles, it can be easy to match up the tiles by taking in all or part of a broken one to any home improvement store.

Kitchen tiles must be waterproofed with silicone sealant.  This will help keep the kitchen clean and safe from dangerous molds and fungus that could spread bacteria into food or beverages during preparation.

Regardless of whether or not the splashback is home built and installed, or put in by professionals, it is a great addition to a kitchen.  Kitchen tiles can be picked out to fit any design scheme, and will help keep the kitchen looking fresh and new, even years after it has been redecorated or upgraded.

Photo By: Traffman

Aside from using tiling for a splashback, there are a variety of other materials that can also be used. For example, many people use stainless steel splashbacks. These are great in more modern kitchens where a preponderance of stainless steel is used. Glass is also a popular choice as it is easy to clean, not damaged by steam and it can be either textured or plain. Plain glass is a bit easier to keep clean and free from food debris and grease.

Some people like to simply continue the same material their counter is made from up onto the splash back area. This is often seen when granite or other similar material is used for counter tops.

Mosaic tiles are also a popular choice. While they are relatively cheap and can be used to complement the decor, care does need to be taken if you decide on a highly complex pattern. Make sure you are able to complete the pattern in the space allocated otherwise it can detract rather than enhance your kitchen.

Wood is not a really good idea. Wood absorbs moisture and as such you would have to use exceptionally high quality wood that has been very well treated–costs could be quite high to obtain that type of wood. Also, wood does not do that well when exposed to high temperatures and really should not be a consideration if it is to be placed behind a gas stove top for example.

Kids Bedroom Decor

When you are planning on decorating your kids’ bedroom, it might be fun to let them help design the room. Even if your child is still fairly young they will be sure to offer you a lot of insights on how they would like their room to appear and its actual setup as well.

Fortunately, you do not have to have a large budget in order to make a child’s room both kid-friendly and well decorated.  In fact, you may not want to outlay a lot of money on your child’s decor initially, as children do tend to change their minds fairly often when it comes to favorite color schemes, characters and even on the type of play or activities they enjoy.  For this reason, you may want to consider shopping at  bargain department stores, at least for the bedroom accessories, as they offer just about everything you need to make a beautiful kids bedroom without it costing a lot of money.

Photo By: Posh Living, LLC

One popular idea when it comes to designing a child’s bedroom is to choose one of your child’s favorite cartoon characters and design the room based on the movie or cartoon of their choice. Starting with a bedding set will help you to get the color scheme together then it is pretty simple from there. You will find mats and wall hangings available, and you can also often pick up toy boxes that feature their current favorite hero at the same time.

When choosing kids bedroom decor it is essential to make sure that everything is “kid friendly”.  Low, easy to open drawers and shelving that is easily accessed is great for kids’ bedrooms. Making their toy system simple to organize will reduce stress on your side since it will be easier for your kids to clean up their rooms.

Choosing high priced, breakable items to put into your kids room decor scheme is not a good idea. Kids tend to be quite hard on their toys and belongings,  so you may want to wait until your child is older and has proven their responsibility before purchasing expensive yet breakable items. If you do want to add some expensive decorative items in your child’s room you may want to purchase items that can be placed higher up, out of reach. For example, wall hangings that are placed out of the child’s reach would be suitable. If you have higher cupboards or shelves in the room you could also place other decorative items such as vases in that location–although be careful about this, many children delight in climbing up and playing with things that are supposedly ‘out of their reach’!

Painting the walls can be a family fun activity. It is important to keep a window open or make sure there is plenty of air flow to the room when painting with small children around. Allowing them to help paint will make them feel special and make them respect their room more. Even allowing them to finger paint on the wall will help them both enjoy helping you paint and keep them occupied at the same time. If you live in a rented apartment you may want to limit the type of child painting that is done. Also, be wary of painting with dark colored paints in a room as they are sometimes quite difficult to paint over. A little research before initiating your paint job should be done to ensure that it is not going to be difficult to change later.

When you choose your kids’ bedroom decor it’s also important to choose a theme they won’t get sick of quickly. Choose a theme that they will love for a longer amount of time so that you don’t have to keep redecorating it when they outgrow it.  That may not be easily done however, as children do change their minds quite quickly. This is again, why I would recommend, going for the cheaper priced accessories initially–it will not be as costly to keep up with their changing preferences.

Using bunk beds or a smaller mattress in kids’ shared rooms is a great way to make more playing area available. Once you’ve finished with the bedroom decor it’s important to show your kids where each thing goes so that they know they are responsible for keeping their room clean from then on.

Since they will be excited about their new room, the first month or so will probably be pretty easy and they will keep it nice and tidy, when they get bored with it, you may need to come up with fun rewards for your children in order to help them to keep their room cleaned up better.

Five Easy Steps to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is oftentimes the busiest place in your household. It is a source of a flurry of activities ranging from meal preparations, to eating, to games and bonding with the family. As your kitchen plays a significant role in your home, it is just as proper that you devote as much time as you can to ensuring that this area retains its comfort and functionality.

Central to the design of your kitchen are the cabinets that take up the majority much of space and create the productive atmosphere in this area. It is through these cabinets that you can store most of your key items to make room for an organized and attractive kitchen. Choosing and designing your kitchen cabinets can be a bit tricky and since it is an investment that will stay with you and your family for quite a while, it is best to take as much thought as to how your cabinet will be utilized in your kitchen.


When it comes to renovating your kitchen, a huge bulk of your budget will be allocated for the new cabinets. Depending on how deep your pockets go, you can choose from a number of options that match your budget. For those with tighter financial limitations, discount kitchen cabinets can best suit your requirements, while those who can devote a lot of money in their cabinets can opt for custom-designed cabinets that are specifically built with your kitchen space and preferences in mind.

Cabinet Construction

Photo By: Susan Serra - The Kitchen Designer

Kitchen cabinets can either be sold in stock, semi-custom or custom built designs. Stock cabinets usually come in standard cabinet sizes and are the most inexpensive of the three. The semi-custom designs, on the other hand, give homeowners the freedom to design their cabinets to a certain extent while customized cabinets are those that are uniquely built to match your kitchen.

Cabinet Style

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate style for your cabinets, it is best to consider the overall look of your kitchen and home before you decide whether you will opt for a more traditional look or a modern finish.

Cabinet Material

The materials of your cabinets will help reinforce the specific style of your kitchen. The three foremost materials includes laminate, metal, and wood (which is regarded as the most popular choice for most cabinets).

Cabinet Finish

Once you have settled on the design and material, now you have to determine on the most appropriate finishing technique for your cabinets. You can either opt for a stained look or dazzle it up by using paints to create a weathered look.

Choosing the Best Couches for Your Living Room

Any home owner will tell you that choosing the best couches for the living room can be quite a challenge in itself. We all know that couches and sofas are the focal point of any living room, meaning it is the first thing that a guest notices and the one that will contribute greatly toward the first impression of your home. So it is only natural that home owners must choose not only the best looking couch but also the one that will complement his or her home and blend in flawlessly. But of course, we don’t want them to only look good, they need to be comfortable to sit on too. So we are guaranteed an enjoyable time while we spend our time in the living room with our loved ones.

Photo By: House Of Sims

So how do you choose the best couch for your home? One of the first things that you have to consider is the space of your living room so you can pick the right size of sofa type that would fit in it. If the lack of space is a concern then you might want to try a corner sofa group since they can be placed nicely against the walls. Or if that is not an option, then you can go with a 2 seater sofa. If space is not an issue on the other hand, a full sofa suite or a Chesterfield sofa comes highly recommended if you are going for a classy grand look. Another factor to consider when choosing the best couch is the upholstered material of the cover. There are many types that you can choose from like leather, microfiber, suede, wool, and many more. If you have the appropriate budget then it is best to choose a leather couch. The reason is that while it can indeed be expensive, a leather couch is much more long lasting than any other type of couch. Not to mention that they are far better looking and would be a great addition to any living room.

With such a wide selection of couches out there, it can indeed be an overwhelming task to choose the best one for your home. But do not let that get to you, as long as you know what you want and what is best for your home then you will surely find that perfect couch. For more information about the best couches in the market, the internet is a good resource for your inquiries.  Here are some possible choices that you can shop for online:

Patio Furniture, Belle Isle Collection Sofa

Patio Furniture, Belle Isle Collection Sofa

With its sophisticated styling gracing your patio or porch, this Martha Stewart Living Belle Isle Collection Sofa invites you to relax on its plush, fiberfill cushions. The sofa’s heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction is wrapped with an all-weather resin weave for strength and durability. This 3-person sofa features red cushions and 4 toss pillows that are weather resistant for longevity.

Choosing An Indoor Water Feature

When it comes to making home decor decisions it is very important that you get things right.  You want your home to look it’s very best and adding home decorating accessories that don’t mix with the other furniture or are in the wrong places can ruin the style of a room.  Hopefully by taking the time to compare all options and maybe even consult with an interior designer you will get just the right style and look you have been going for.

Indoor water features are a great home decor accessory and can really add a feeling of relaxation and beauty to a room.  But there are so many different water fountains for the home to choose from that you may need some help picking out the right one.

Photo By: Enrique Vega

First, you need to determine what kind of space you have to work with.  Maybe it’s a wall, an area on the floor, an entryway or just a tabletop, decide on where you want to decorate and maybe even get out the measuring tape and see what the dimensions are for your area you want to design.

Once you have determined where and how much space you have to work with, next will be to decide what type of water feature to use.  There are many different styles and designs of fountains.  for small areas such as tabletops, counters, and desks the best option would be the smaller tabletop water fountains.  If you have open wall space you are trying to decorate for then it might be best to use wall fountains.  Wall fountains work great because they simply mount on the wall and take the place of traditional wall art.  Finally, for space on the floor or entryway there are many large floor fountains to choose from.

The final step in deciding what type of water feature to use is to decide on the design.  There is a wide variety of materials used in water features which create different looks and styles.  Many of these fountains use natural stone, glass, mirrored surfaces and even bamboo.  Whether it’s a contemporary or traditional look you are going for there is a fountain that will fit your needs.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether you have just moved into a new apartment, or you are remodeling and renovating your guest bathroom, there are tons of design ideas that can make a small bathroom not only look great, but also help it to be highly functional. Try some of the following bathroom makeovers or use the following bathroom designs ideas as a springboard for stimulating your creativity instead.

Key Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Photo By: Juhan Sonin

There are a few things to keep in mind no matter what style you opt for when doing a small bathroom remodel. The main things you have to work with, aside from the actual items installed in the bathroom itself, are color, lighting and space. In other words, the correct choice of a color scheme, the proper placement of lights and windows as well as the overall design of the bathroom can make a room look less cluttered and more spacious than it really is.

Unless you are totally remodeling your bathroom you will want to focus on several main areas; the walls, lighting fixtures, natural lighting, the type of vanity unit you install, hardware and the overall décor. It is possible to totally change the appearance of a bathroom without needing to completely remodel the entire room.

Color Schemes
You will want to first of all choose the sink and other bathroom accessories and then base your color scheme around those. Typically, white or cream are often the colors chosen though they do not have to be. I am not going to say that you must use only pastels in your bathroom as I have seen some stunning designs utilizing darker, more outstanding color choices such as those seen here. The main thing is to choose your accessories; either light or dark colored, and then build around those.

You may want to stick to the regular creams and off whites, or you may want to opt for lilac walls or lilac on the bottom half of the wall with cream on the top section of the wall. That particular color choice is great for bathroom frequented by women, for example. If you want some ideas of different color schemes you could use, there are some great online resources where you can look at photos of bathroom designs for small spaces that people have used in their own homes. They can be great to skim through and you will be certain to garner some great ideas from seeing other people’s small bathroom designs.

Windows and Lighting

Photo By: Nancy Hugo

If you have a small bathroom, chances are that it will probably have only one very small window. That is very practical; it gives you more walls to place furniture or accessories around. However, a lot has to be said for natural light streaming into a bathroom as it really can give the impression that the room is larger than it seems. If it is not too difficult, you may want to look into installing long narrow windows instead. Of course, if you are not planning on actually remodeling that would not necessarily work but if you do have to do some work in the bathroom putting in a couple of long narrow windows; even floor to ceiling; can be very advantageous.

Rather than opting for regular light fixtures look for some unique wall sconces as well as overhead light fixtures. Making it possible to adjust the lighting in the room is a great idea. You can turn the lights down low while you relax and soak in the bathtub, and have them all on when you are putting on your makeup or shaving.

This may also be a good place to mention the incredible value in hanging wall mirrors and their ability to really make a room look much larger than it is. Of course, everyone does not appreciate bathrooms lined with mirrors for obvious reasons–although if you don’t mind staring at yourself each time you step out of the shower mirrors really will add a whole new dimension to your bathroom.

Furnishings and Vanities

Photo By: Shino

Have you ever considered a vessel sink rather than a vanity unit? You will find they take up a lot less room and have the advantage of adding a real old-style charm to any bathroom. If you buy a cabinet from a flea market or second hand shop you can often very easily restore the item yourself, sit the vessel sink on top of it and add a new creative dimension to your bathroom décor. If you do opt for a more antique style bathroom you may want to add some decorative moldings around your mirror and add some antique style sconces on either side of the wash area.

If you want to go for a conventional vanity, specifically search for and check out small bathroom vanities, rather than the regular sized ones. What about installing a corner vanity? They are great for saving space. If you want to install a bathtub, and yet you have limited space, you can opt for one of the corner spa small bathtubs–the ones you sit up in rather than stretch out in.

Maximize Space With Built In Cabinetry
Depending on your level of expertise, you may be able to implement some of these other bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms; or perhaps this is when you could call a professional in for more help. For example, if you have space behind your bathroom wall you may want to consider taking a section of the wall down and building in some cabinets or shelves back into the wall itself. This will give you additional storage space without taking up any bathroom space. Not only that, but it also looks delightful!

Another idea is to purchase narrow tall shelving or cabinets for your bathroom. You can maximize your storage space very easily this way as well and simply keep the less used items in the higher cupboards or on the higher shelves. Also, adding shelving high up around the wall can be a great way to gain additional storage or room for bathroom décor items without cluttering up your bathroom.

More Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathrooms
While the following tips may not actually save you much space, they will make your bathroom look more attractive even if there is limited space.

Decorate your bathroom tastefully, without overdoing it. Simply adding a couple of nicely framed small bathroom pictures on the wall can really transform your bathroom. You can also do things such as adding drapery on the vanity rather than wood doors. This does save on space in that you do not have to open the doors whenever you want to get something from the vanity; you simply pull the curtain to the side.

Rather than installing towel racks in the bathroom, why not find some tasteful hooks and use those for hanging your bathrobe and towel? They work just as well, take up less space and they can look very decorative.

Go for a Euroglass shower enclosure. Even though it may take up as much space as a regular shower enclosure, the absence of any framing will add to the illusion of spaciousness.

Although these ideas are by no means extensive, hopefully they will help point you in the right direction when planning out your own bathroom designs for small bathrooms.

Make Your Room Design Unique With A Mirror

One of the most underutilized pieces of furniture is the mirror. Most people just use it as a functional piece so that they can see their reflection, shave their face or brush their hair. If this is how you use a mirror then you are definitely missing out. The mirror when used correctly can be a very effective decorative feature in a room. Whether you’re using contemporary wall mirrors or antique style Venetian glass mirrors they can help transform the look of a room and make it unique and attractive.

The reflective qualities of the mirror have been known and used for centuries. They can be used to make a small space look much larger instantly. With the correct positioning the mirror can reflect light into the darkest corners of a room and change the mood and atmosphere completely. If you are planning to redesign one of you rooms make sure you do not forget to use the mirror. The great thing is the amazing array of mirror styles on offer. You will not have a problem finding a style that can enhance your own design.

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One particular style of mirror that has reached iconic status is the starburst mirror. The starburst design is instantly recognisable. As its name suggests it looks like an exploding star. In the middle is a round concave mirror and protruding from this are long vertical spokes of varying lengths. The starburst comes in an array of different colours but it looks the most spectacular in either gold or silver. This style of mirror was very popular in the 1950’s and is now making a comeback with the interest in retro style furniture. The starburst is very versatile because it can be used in any room in the house and they look particularly well in those areas that are starved of light such as the hallway and stairs.

Black Chandelier Lighting Had It’s Start Here…

Most of us know what a chandelier is, but very few of us know where these works of art originated. Although coming from very humble beginnings, they became known around the world as not only a symbol of beauty, but of status and wealth as well. Do you want to know the whole story? Hold onto your horses…here we go…

So, just what is a chandelier anyway? In technical terms it is a branch decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture comprising two or more arms bearing lights (quite a mouthful don’t you think). Often complex and elaborate, they can contain dozens of lamps and glass or crystal prisms. The prisms add to the overall design as they illuminate the entire room via the principle of refracted light.

Alta Loma 6 Light Chandelier

Alta Loma 6 Light Chandelier

This beautiful fixture is sure to be the focus in any room. Six irised scavo shades offset the dark ridge bronze finish. Elegant and graceful, this chandelier will complement any decor. ETL listed.

Chandeliers can be either very simple lighting devices or be extremely complex. Want a simple version of the chandelier? Consider the humble beginnings of a wooden cross with spikes on which candles could be secured. You can’t get much more humble or simple than that.

The 10th Century French word Chandelabre (meaning candle) is where the term chandelier is thought to have originated. From the 15th century onwards more elaborate forms of chandeliers started to take form and shape. They became more common in palaces and the homes of the clergy, nobility, and the merchant class. It cost a lot of money to have any form of lighting back in those days when the sun went down, so a lighting system like a chandelier was considered a status symbol to most people.

With advances in the world of glassmaking in the 18th century, lead crystal became much more inexpensive. As the price declined they naturally worked their way into the world of the chandelier. Lead crystal, along with its inherent refractive properties, eventually lead to a new object of desire…the crystal chandelier.

As we enter into the 19th century the gas light became a source of illumination. A gasolier (a portmanteau of gas and chandelier) started to appeared on the scene. Many candle chandeliers were converted to gas versions at this time.

In the 1890’s electricity “lightened our world” (if you will pardon the pun). This too was incorporated into the world of the chandelier. Eventually, fixtures wired only for electricity became standard.

In the years of the 20th and 21st centuries chandeliers (such as the beautiful black chandelier) have become much more elaborate and sophisticated. They still remain a symbol of status for those people who are fortunate enough to own and enjoy their beauty. The Italian Chandelier is but one one exquisite example.

Beautify Your Home with a Papasan Chair

For a lot of home owners, it’s inherently vital that their home be really beautiful and appealing. Most of them even go to the extent of asking the help of interior designers to enhance the look of their houses. A beautifully decorated dwelling makes any visitor bear in mind the beauty and appeal of the place. Since we always make memorable recollections within the house, it is crucial that it is comfy and this has developed into a personal objective for many people.

Photo By: Ryan Gessner

One of the things that may be found in a snug residence could be seat cushions and papasan chairs. This is due to the truth that they improve the general look of any particular room or area. You will note that the market is filled with a formidable variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Older furnishings can drastically profit with the usage of seat cushions. Hard wooden chairs, Wicker chairs, papasan chairs, and even wrought iron ones could have added a comfortable touch once a seat cushion is placed. Another benefit of getting seat cushions is that they function as supports for our back whenever we sit down. They’ll take away stress and stop joint damage.

Customized cushion is one technique to apply inside and outside design artistically. They can be made in relation to the theme of a yard or a room. They are often designed by a furniture retailer along with your specs or you may design them by yourself. You should utilize them to intensify the look of window seats, kitchen chairs, or any chair you wish to improve. Have an intensive option by trying out on-line shops or completely varying catalogs. Add a novel touch of elegance from plain checkers to floral prints. You also have the choice of selecting foam type custom seats or polyester materials which are water-resistant.

An Antique Settee Speaks of Grace and Elegance

An antique settee is a joy to behold. If you are lucky enough to happen upon just the right combination of style and finish, with the upholstery you prefer, then you have in fact found a treasure. For many, though, part of the pursuit includes the dream of refinishing a find or of seeing a fabric long saved for such an event finally placed, to perfection, on a settee.

The beauty of an antique settee instantly welcomes one into a room. Grace and elegance are spoken, with mysteries of days gone by hinted at by the whispers in the room. Who can resist the chance to own a bit of history, at the same time adding warmth and charm to your decor? What stories might be told if indeed we were able to share the past with a piece of furniture.

Photo By: Ruth Art

In styles that come in many names, from Rococo to Louis XV, or French, Italian or classic, an antiques settee is dreamed of as a place to not only rest a weary head, but also as a showpiece of furniture in a room. Having held a place of pride in the parlor of years’ past, a settee commands respect. Sometimes called a sofa, a settee is usually considered a place for two or more persons to sit comfortably. A connoisseur may argue that a settee is not as long as a sofa, or couch. Often this type of seating is elaborately carved, with artisans depiciting scenes of nature or women. What a pleasure to witness a beautiful carving of swans and lions on such lovely hardwoods as walnut, cherry and mahogany, among others. What an ode to Victorian days gone by!

Offering beauty and versatility, they were further enjoyed for the comfort allowed, as they were commonly stuffed with feathers or horsehair. Occasionally called a canapé, or divan or chaise, we often think of a settee in conjunction with a fainting couch. Who can’t imagine putting their feet up after a difficult day of social calling? Of course, the tradition and comfort of a leather Chesterfield sofa would also do the trick, but perhaps the more masculine calling of this bit of history would better suit a man’s office or den. With a style and design used for over 200 years, it is easy to imagine a gentlemen resting in such splendor. Perhaps the real pleasure of owning an antique settee may only be known to those who actually do, or those who dream of having such a beautiful repose as part of the home they live in.

Decorating with Wicker Furniture to Achieve a Tropical Feel

Wicker furniture is one of the best kinds of outdoor furniture to work with because of its very tropical look and brings to mind immediately the outdoors. Wicker is made from durable plant fibers that made from rattan, bamboo, and other hardy grasses. Rattan is the most durable of all plant fibers and is the most popular material for wicker furniture.

Photo By: Psyberartist

Wicker furniture is designed the same way as living room furniture such as arm chairs and sofas. The most obvious pieces that you will have to consider first are your seating. The number of guests you usually entertain and the people in your household should be considered so that you will know how many to get, sizes, and the kind of seating that you need. Small areas should have small sizes of furniture while big areas can have any type and size of seating available.

The tables should also be well thought of before buying. Small clusters of tables with chairs look more cozy and comfortable while big dining tables look very formal. Choosing a table would also depend on the function that you have assigned to a certain area and it should also match the landscape. Wicker tables would look very natural in your garden and if you want it to look more formal, then you can top it with glass to protect the wicker from spills.

Wicker furniture replacement cushions are the best additions that will greatly help any home decorating aficionado. It is easy to decorate with cushions because you can change them anytime you want and helps revives the look of wicker furniture instantly. Store cushions when you are not using them so that they will stay in a good condition for a long time. Covering your furniture with cushions will also prevent damage to your furniture.

You can paint or stain your wicker furniture if the colors are fading or you just want to change colors to the shade that you want. Painting or staining will keep your furniture looking new and also helps to protect it from sunlight and water. Use only a high quality so that you will be sure that the color will not fade quickly

Wicker furniture is one of the best kinds of outdoor furniture to work with because of its very tropical look and brings to mind immediately the outdoors. Wicker is made from durable plant fibers that made from rattan, bamboo, and other hardy grasses.

Rattan is the most durable of all plant fibers and is the most popular material for wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is designed the same way as living room furniture such as arm chairs and sofas. The most obvious pieces that you will have to consider first are your seating. The number of guests you usually entertain and the people in your household should be considered so that you will know how many to get, sizes, and the kind of seating that you need. Small areas should have small sizes of furniture while big areas can have any type and size of seating available.

The tables should also be well thought of before buying. Small clusters of tables with chairs look more cozy and comfortable while big dining tables look very formal. Choosing a table would also depend on the function that you have assigned to a certain area and it should also match the landscape. Wicker tables would look very natural in your garden and if you want it to look more formal, then you can top it with glass to protect the wicker from spills.

Wicker furniture replacement cushions are the best additions that will greatly help any home decorating aficionado. It is easy to decorate with cushions because you can change them anytime you want and helps revives the look of wicker furniture instantly. Store cushions when you are not using them so that they will stay in a good condition for a long time. Covering your furniture with cushions will also prevent damage to your furniture.

You can paint or stain your wicker furniture if the colors are fading or you just want to change colors to the shade that you want. Painting or staining will keep your furniture looking new and also helps to protect it from sunlight and water. Use only a high quality so that you will be sure that the color will not fade quickly

Walk In Shower Enclosures Are Practical, Stylish And Very Affordable

Walk in shower enclosures are the perfect choice for any bathroom! After a long and difficult day, there can be nothing more therapeutic than indulging in a revitalizing bath or taking a shower. If you are one of the millions of people who look forward to that daily indulgence, then come along and discover why enclosed showers are such an excellent idea.

When it comes to ambience, the style of the shower is important. An enclosed shower can be fitted to enhance the mood of the room. Fortunately, there is no end to the designs that are available. These showers are available in many colour schemes, with different configurations. They are also found in a price range to suit any decorating budget. They will add something exciting to your decor, and the frameless glass design will bring a touch of the spa right into your home. If your room is small, installing an enclosed shower will make the area seem much more spacious.

Photo By: Victor Martinez

While adding to the tranquillity of the bathroom, a walk in shower installation is an excellent method of keeping excess water in an enclosed area. This is a great boon and means the bathroom will have far less germ transmission as opposed to a bathroom that is excessively wet.

Investing in an enclosed shower is the easiest way to turn your bathroom “green” and save money while doing so. Some areas have frequent shortages of water, but fortunately enclosed showers only use a sixth of the amount water consumed by ordinary shower systems. This means great value for money, and enclosed showers are also so much quicker when compared to ordinary baths.

After reading this, you will have to agree that walk in shower enclosures are the best way to save money while creating a tranquil setting to revitalize both mind and body. Showers are excellent for relieving daily tension, so an installation is well worth considering. The fact that they are available in a large range of prices, styles and colours means that anyone can have one installed and enjoy their many benefits.

Decorative Hat Boxes

Decorative boxes are usable in every room in the home. This is because of their versatility by both serving practical storage needs and fitting in with any sort of decorating style. Boxes in a kitchen can hold recipe cards, while in a family room boxes can be kept under the coffee table to hold small items. Boxes can also be used in bathrooms for things like cotton balls. Any open shelves in a room can house boxes that coordinate with each other and the room itself. Boxes can have holiday or seasonal themes, and can also be used to wrap gifts. One particular type of decorative box are hat boxes.

Photo By: Karen Cox

The boxes used for storing and protecting hats are generally round, and are often made with thin cardboard or heavy paper. The design for hat boxes varies wildly, and they can be anywhere from simple and white to covered in a pattern of any sort. Boxes are also available that are designed to look vintage, like the decorative hat boxes that were made 100 years ago. More contemporary boxes are another option. Hat boxes have far more uses than simply keeping hats, though of course they serve that purpose very well. Whatever you store in them, though, many hat boxes are attractive enough to set out in room, rather than putting them out of sight in a closet. Since hat boxes are usually decently sized, they can also be used throughout the home for storing various items. If you have a plain box you might want to decorate it yourself to personalize it or make it fit a particular room better. If you are especially industrious, you might even try your hand at making hat boxes.

Round decorative storage boxes are rarer than rectangular ones and so can catch the eye immediately, and added with the many designs available this makes it likely for a hat’s box to be used more often than the hat itself.