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Securing Your Apartment with an Alarm System

Many people these days choose apartment living.  Whether you are renting or buying your own apartment, you will probably be fairly concerned about your apartment’s security. One sure way to protect your family and all your precious belongings would be to install a dependable home or apartment alarm system. One way renters or homeowners safeguard their valuables and family is to use an easy to install wireless alarm system and burglar proof locks.

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The First Step — Secure Locks

Before renting an apartment, the smartest thing to do is to make sure all locks are secure. You have to check whether all locks have been replaced and that you have a brand new key. Property managers or owners don’t usually bother to do this unless you request them to do so. A quicker option for your safety then is to handle this yourself and make sure you get new locks and keys for every area of your new home.

The Second Step — A Security System

The next important safety measure is to install an apartment security system. In the past, most security companies would refuse to install security systems for tenants. This is due to problems encountered with the property owner since there is usually a need to do some hardwiring and drilling into the walls in order to complete the installation. Today’s modern technology, however, will allow you to purchase wireless systems that are compact and easy to install. No drilling or wire  installation is necessary.  There are some drawbacks to these type of systems; notably they will usually only reach a certain distance and there can be interference if others nearby are using a similar system. If you opt for a wireless system, do thorough research before making your purchase so that you can be sure what you are buying will work well in your situation.

If you happen to be the do-it- yourself type, you will find that there are so many systems out there in the market that you can install yourself. You may search for them online or go to your local home improvement shops.

When it comes to keeping your family and your belongings safe and secure, just go back to the basics to make sure you maximize the benefits of having a security system. Always keep your windows and doors locked and make sure the alarm system is always on. If not, there should be someone designated to turn it on at a particular time every day. Alternatively, you can opt for one that is turned on automatically either whenever you leave the property or via some kind of timer.

Securing your home properly before you leave it, or at night before going to bed, may take a couple of minutes of your time everyday but it will be all worth it to keep your family and property safe.

3 Benefits Of A Hidden Wall Safe

When in comes investing your money in something, you always want the best value for your money. When dealing with home safety equipments, one must be very careful before making any purchase especially in buying a home safe. Safes are a way to protect your valuables from theft.  This is where the fireproof safe can be one of the best investments you can make as with a fireproof safe it not only protects your personal properties from burglars but also from one of the leading causes of property losses, fire.

There are three major benefits you can get from a hidden wall safe. First, wall safes are built to be installed and secured to the wall in a way that it should be level to the wall’s surface. This alone makes it difficult for burglars to just take off with the safe and its contents. This feature of the wall safe makes it easy to just hide behind wall painting, a clock or a bookshelf to conceal it from the eyes of burglars.

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The second benefit you can get from a hidden wall safe is that this is a great space saver. The safe itself will not take up any ground space. In that way, you can always use the space for something more eye-catching than a dull safe.

Third, these safes are made from heavy-duty materials that are tough and the money spent in purchasing the wall safe will be worthwhile. Fireproof wall safes are made from several layers of metals that will protect your belongings in case of a fire for not less than two hours.

There are definitely a lot of different types of wall safes on the market these days ranging from very professional kinds to those that are more specifically built for the average home owner. You should carefully consider your needs and the reasons for installing a safe before finalizing your purchase. Another consideration, especially with wall safes, is the ease of installation. As the whole purpose of buying a hidden wall safe is to keep your belongings from being readily seen and stolen you will want to take care with the installation of the safe. In most instances you will want to install the safe yourself. Fortunately most safes made for regular home owners are generally easy to install providing you have some basic handyman skills and common tools. They usually come with complete instructions regarding their installation.

In looking for a wall safe to purchase, always make sure that they meet the specific standards. Check for the materials that have been used in making the safe, the lock mechanism, fire and heat ratings, and all other features that you need in a wall safe. Installing a wall safe at your home will guarantee you a peace of mind that your valuables are kept safe and hidden from burglars and fire.

When is the Best Time to Employ a Surveillance System?

With the modern technologies and manufacturing methods in use today, just about anyone can employ a reliable and effective video surveillance system for a fraction of what the same features would have cost just a few years ago.  The range of options and features have also evolved to include some of the most impressive, including motion-activated recording and light-gathering lenses that collect and amplify ambient light.

Protecting the Public

One of the most important times to utilize a video surveillance system is when the public is involved, as large groups of people, or numbers of people passing through a particular area over time can lead to a variety of issues from crime to liability issues, and while these are useful for both, the fact that they are present and visible is often all that is needed to ensure the peaceful and acceptable behavior of the crowds.

Guarding Businesses

Video surveillance has been a critical tool in reducing and combating crime in business locations, and while many do employ sophisticated wireless video surveillance system packages with zoom and panning abilities, the CCTV surveillance system is the most popular option for most applications.  CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, is one of the simplest, and therefore cheapest, video alternatives there is.  These merely consist of cameras feeding their signals to an on-site recording device, typically in a 24-hour loop, where the data can be retrieved or overwritten as needed.

Home Security

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Protecting one’s home and valuables with a surveillance system is also now much easier, thanks to the new technologies and computer-controlled electronics, and for around $500, a typical wireless surveillance system can be purchased with features like night-vision and tilt and pan cameras for perimeter protection, and just as with many other applications, the presence of these outdoor cameras are often enough to make most would-be criminals reconsider a specific property.  There are much more elaborate systems available, but these can quickly approach their relative worth in gold scrap, depending on the number of components and features.

If you live in an area where burglaries and break-ins are somewhat commonplace you will find that it is definitely beneficial to employ good home security measures. Oftentimes the mere fact that you have secured your home will be a deterrent to would-be burglars.  It is proven that burglars and robbers target easy prospects and, unless they are specifically breaking in for a pre-designated purpose, they will avoid homes that look too well secured. In the event that your home is broken into or you suspect that trespassers are coming onto your property, they are invaluable in being able to detect and eventually find and prosecute those who are gaining illegal entrance to your property.

Another measure some home owners implement is that of placing fake security cameras around their property. Of course these are quite a bit cheaper and while they may not help you actually catch someone committing a theft or other crime, they too can be a great deterrent for the casual burglar who is casing the neighborhood.

Better Home Insurance Quotes If You Install A Security Alarm

So what are the benefits of having a security alarm fitted in your home or property? Well, there are a few advantages that a security alarm can offer homeowners, but the main one is obviously keeping your home and its contents secure and preventing a burglary from taking place.

There are lots of burglar alarms on the market to choose from but a standard alarm system will do. Having a security alarm will act as a good deterrent when it comes to someone trying to gain access into your property. If they do gain unwanted access into your home then your alarm will sound and you will be alerted to someone gaining unwanted access into your home.

Areas of your home that will need sensors being fitted are all access points such as doors, windows and many of the down stairs points of access. You can also have an alarm fitted on your garage and shed if you want. All it needs is an electrician to install the necessary wires and sensors and then connect them up to your alarm system.

Having a security alarm fitted in your home also has another good benefit. When you are renewing your home insurance quote, if you have a burglar alarm fitted you can get a discount from the insurer for providing security features on your home. The insurer will consider you to be less risk if you have a security alarm fitted. Compare home insurance quotes as well to get the best buildings and contents insurance policy for your home is always a good idea.

In order to get more information and advice about security in your home you should consider joining your local neighbourhood watch programme. Here you will learn how to secure your home against burglaries and keep an eye on your neighbour’s properties too.

Types of Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway alarm systems are usually used at businesses. You would normally see them at locally owned gas stations and drive throughs. However this same driveway monitoring system can be used at homes as part of a home security system. Here are the different types of driveway monitoring systems that can be used at home according to Consumer Product Reviews.

The Magnetometer is one such driveway alarm system. This alarm will only alert you when someone has driven a vehicle past its sensors. It is based on magnetic technology and is made to detect only large metal objects. So this alarm doesn’t pick up other movements which is a drawback of this type of alarm. The magnetometer is available as both wired and wireless driveway alarm system but the wireless one is better, especially if the driveway is long and you have to have the cable laid for long distances if you used a wired system.

Pneumatic Alarm is another type of driveway alert system. This alert system goes off if someone or something over a certain weight limit depresses the alarm. It can be used to alert you about both cars and humans but will not be falsely set off by small animals because they do not surpass the weight limit. This is a better option than the previous Magnetometer as a home security device.

The third type of driveway alarm is the wireless motion detector. This monitor can be used to cover more than just your driveway entrance to your property. It can be used to protect all your entryways and walkways, or even your entire yard if needed. All in all this type of system is very beneficial if you have small children and will alert you when someone enters your yard without permission.

Use these security products to secure your driveway and in turn your home and increase your home security.

Protect Your Home from Invasion

Burglaries rates are increasing in many residential areas, but there are many options when it comes to protecting yourself and your home from an invasion.  Security alarms are not the only component to consider.  You should also aim to make your home less appealing to potential criminals.

Motion sensor lights can help illuminate your property and keep potential criminals away.  If someone is targeting your home at night, they do not like a well lit property.  Having good security lighting can be a deterrent.  These types of lights will only come on when they detect movement within a certain range from the sensors.  This helps to keep electricity bills low, as they are not constantly running.

Sensors and alarms are also great to have.  There are some inexpensive options if a full monitored alarm system is not within your budget.  There are many do it yourself home security systems available for purchase for as little as a few hundred dollars.

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Security cameras can also deter criminal activity.  Video surveillance is a great addition to your security system in your home.  However, actual video surveillance is not always necessary.  Having security cameras around your home is typically enough to keep criminal activity far from your home, regardless of whether the cameras or real or fake.  Dummy cctv cameras are a very inexpensive option to help you deter potential burglaries or home invasion.

Also make sure to install good quality locks on all of your doors.  Patio doors are somewhat more susceptible to being broken into.  Make sure that you have a good quality patio door lock and install deadbolt locks on all other entry doors.  Make sure that doors and windows are locked at all times.

Take these steps to decrease the likelihood of your home being a burglary target.  There are many ways to enhance the security of your home, these are just a few, but taking these steps will help you provide better protection to your home and loved ones.

Keys Or Biometric Safes?

Want to hear some bad news? Burglaries and robberies are rampant nowadays. More and more people are losing their treasured possessions (or even getting hurt) simply because of unreliable or careless safety systems. This is based on current data and this is not declared to scare you. As for the good news, technology is now ready to end this with a breakthrough called the biometric safe.

For some used to using the standard keys and locks, the idea of using any body part is absurd to them. Surely these modern devices are complex to use. And to top it all, these definitely come with costly prices.

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Before, we have really relied on locks and keys for our protection. But do you really believe these will be enough to guard us from bad elements? Criminals are shrewder than ever. They formulate intricate plans just to get what they want. And they plan to get it by hook or by crook. So, if you are still using locks and keys, and you were to become their target, it can be quite simple for them to duplicate or steal the key from you. Picking the lock is easy as a breeze.  Looking for the keys in their usual hiding places like your plant pottery, between the wall cracks or the top edge of the door is simple. They can even get it easily from people you leave your keys with. More so, keys are also easily lost.

Nevertheless, many still hold on to their cumbersome keys because they are intimidated of adopting new technologies. Because the state-of-the art keyless entry system can be accessed by using a body part or a human characteristic like fingerprints or palm prints, many are threatened. Contrary to this belief, biometric safes, especially the ones with deadbolt locks, are very easy to use and can be opened in seconds. Installation is as quick as 123 and he can install it himself. It is perfect for the elderly to use and not complicated at all.

Many are very much awed at the high technology features of biometric safes that they previously thought was only available to CEOs and celebrities. But the fact is that many households and offices are using it now. It is important that you try to check first before deciding. You can easily find many websites online about biometric safes where prices, styles, colors, shapes and sizes of safes are shown. You can check for items that will suit your taste and budget.

Benefits of a Wall Safe

Without a doubt the increase in crime in our nation has increased the awareness of homeowners everywhere. As a result of this there is an increase in the number safes being sold to residential homeowners. Business owners have been using safes to protect their payroll and valuables for hundreds of years whereas the average person did not usually have a safe in their home, but this has changed today.

There are several types of safes available on the market today but there is one in particular that can give you an added sense of home security. Many find that deterrents such as alarm systems, fake security cameras, and floodlights to be sufficient. However if your home has been targeted by a would be thief these devices may not be enough. It may be time to protect your valuables and/or important documents with a wall safe.

This type of safe offers an extra level of protection in that even if it is found it would be very difficult to remove. When having your safe installed it is important to remember to that it should be secured to a structural part of your home that cannot easily be compromised. It should be hidden in a closet or the next best inconspicuous spot that you can think of. For most thieves time is of essence and they would rather grab those things that are in plain sight and do not require an extra effort to remove.

Another advantage of safes installed in the wall is that finding them can be like a needle in haystack. They can be in a pantry, a closet , a bathroom or any room in your home so long as it can be secured properly. In addition its location will be concealed by a picture or some other object that would appear normal hanging on the wall.

Some of the latest wall safes are made of solid steel construction, have masked hinges and insulated walls that make breaking into it, physically, like trying to get into Fort Knox. They have an added benefit of utilizing digital electronic locks that are fully re-programmable and require a lock and a key in order to gain entry. Never make the mistake of angling a fake security camera in the direction of your safe as this would be a dead giveaway and there would be no footage of the robbery. If you do have a camera installed be sure to use one with a wide view that can cover a broad area and not inadvertently reveal the location of your safe.

Wall safes are affordable and range from one hundred dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the level of protection you are seeking. Most models are built to withstand the heat and flames of your average house fire. Be sure to inquire about this when selecting a safe for your home. If you have valuables either sentimental or of monetary value that you simply cannot afford to part with, either through natural disaster or theft then a home wall safe may be your best bet.

This article was provided by Keep Safe At Home, your #1 source for information on, safes, steel security screen doors and even on installing a digital door lock.

Why Steel Gates Are Good To Have

Steel gates are good for anyone who wants to add extra security to their home while they’re away or at home at night. You can get any type of gate installed outside of your home. In order to get it installed in your yard, you’ll need to get a survey done of the space first. The good thing about having one of the steel security gates is that you don’t have to worry about your children going out in the street or someone coming by and grabbing them. The gates make a lot of noise and you will be able to hear the gate, if it’s opened.

Pet owners can go inside of the house and not have to worry about their dog chasing someone. They don’t even have to worry about the cat getting away. If the gate is high enough, your pet won’t be able to get over it. Even if your dog yanks on it, the steel gate won’t go up automatically.

Steel gate hinges won’t come undone, unless you open and close it. When someone lies or yanks on the fence, it won’t open, if the hinge is secure. If a person on the outside does decide to open the gate, the hinge will make a lot of noise when they open it.

Steel gate designs come in many styles and colors. You can choose a medieval style gate design, if you’re a homeowner who has a lot of property. You’ll find that wealthy families have these types of stainless steel gates installed in their yard for extra security.

Gardeners can place steel garden gates around their garden to add an extra touch to their garden. Most of the steel garden gates have a Victorian look to them. Friends and family will love coming to your home to admire your garden.

Save Money on a Home Alarm System Without Skimping on Security

Do it yourself home alarm systems are the perfect alternative for security conscious individuals who are looking to save money on home security without skimping on the protection that an alarm system can provide. Statistics show that a home burglary takes place every 14 seconds in the United States. A security system will help ensure that your home is not among these statistics, and a home alarm systems do it yourself kit will allow you to avoid monthly fees associated with so-called professional monitoring.

Installing your own do it yourself home alarm system is easier than you may think. If you are able to operate a drill, then you already have the expertise it takes to make sure your home is protected. A keypad, window and door sensors, and motion detectors – the basic components of any alarm system – can be purchased online or at a nearby home security store for a surprisingly small amount of money. The instructions included with DIY alarm kits provide all the information you will need for installing and operating your own system.

If you are looking to make a quick comparison of prices for alarm kits, the Internet is a great tool to use. There are many websites and online stores from which to obtain information and order DIY systems. A basic system costs just under $200, while a more extensive kit can be purchased for around $300, very reasonable prices considering the security that you are purchasing as well.

Recent studies have concluded that homes without security systems can be three times more vulnerable to burglaries than homes with alarm systems. Why take the risk? A do it yourself home alarm system will help provide the peace of mind that you and your family deserve, all for much cheaper than you might expect. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to acquire the kind of security that a DIY system can.

How do Fingerprint Safes Protect your Valuables?

We are all concerned about the safety of our most valuable jewellery, important papers and other cherished items. Finding the best solution for storing them can be difficult however. There are many secure storage devices available today but each one has its drawbacks. We need something we can rely upon so that we can sleep with peace of mind. Advances in technology have bought about some very effective methods however. One of them is the biometric fingerprint safe.

Most safes use combination locks, keys and keypads to gain access. A fingerprint safe on the other hand opens only when it correctly identifies one of a list of fingerprints it has been pre programmed to recognise. Many models can read and accept about 10 different fingerprints.

A scanner is employed to read the details of your print. There are two main types of scanner available, the optical scanner which takes a picture of the print rather, and a capacitive scanner which incorporates thousands of minute electrical circuits that pass a current only when a ridge of the fingerprint is in contact with the scanner. In this way, an overall picture of the print can be built up. In relative terms, the optical version is much easier to fool. You could take a copy of a print left on a glass, transfer it to paper and this should be enough to gain access.

Despite the technology used, there is remarkably little difference in the cost of acquiring a fingerprint safe compared with a standard key or combination locking model of a similar specification. The natural assumption is that one should go with the advanced features of a fingerprint safe for protecting your valuables but there are some limitations and risks. The most notable of these is a situation where the safe needs to be opened in an emergency but the individual with access is not present.

Some models make use of a key option as a backup to the fingerprint in case the individual with the access fingerprint is unavailable. An alternative system uses a key as an additional level of security rather than as another option to biometric access.

As with all safes, it is important to consider their own security. How easy is it to simply walk off with the safe and decide how to open it later? A wall safe with strong fastening is a good deterrent here. Also check the fire and water resistance. Protecting against theft is one concern but so is damage or loss through fire and flood.

Despite certain reservations, this option remains one of several reasonable alternatives to protect your important items from burglary or indeed keeping them out of reach of your children. Firearms and medicines spring to mind here. Although a relatively new technology is employed, fingerprint safes are practical, secure and reliable for home and office use. More details of safe and secure storage options are available here

Deploying Dummy CCTV Cameras Effectively

For those who need more security cannot afford the real thing, dummy cctv cameras are very much sought after.  They come in many different sizes and shapes, simulating the look of their operational cousins.  You can make people think your area is being monitored by a ceiling, dome or even a pinhole camera.

Of course, having these cameras hidden or obscured would do no good, as the trick is to make sure people see them and think they are being watched; therefore they have to be where they will be seen.  Place them in an area which is highly visible, with an accompanying sign, warning would be intruders a cctv camera is in action, recording all their activity.

When the camera is visible, the criminal will have second thoughts about carrying out his plans.  It is extremely difficult to tell the real, working cameras from their decoy replicas.  They even pivot and move just like the working ones, so it would almost take inside information for the criminal to tell the difference.
Of course, with a dummy camera, you have no taped record of the crime, for the purpose of it is to deter the crime, not help to catch the criminal and convict him afterward.  The only way to get the proof you need for a conviction is by having a real, working cctv camera kit.

You could use the same tactic as the big businesses with a lot of area to monitor, mixing real ones with fake ones.  This way, the criminals cannot tell which, if any, are recording their actions and which are not; and you would therefore have the whole place covered as far as the criminal knows, and the working one placed where it is most likely to have criminal activity going on for anybody not deterred by the fake ones.  So, if you already have your place partially secured and cannot afford to buy the real thing to finish it, why not buy some dummy cctv cameras, so it looks as though it is completely secured.

The whole purpose behind cctv cameras is to; hopefully stop a crime from happening, but if that fails, then to have evidence (a taped record) to aide in the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrator.  By installing a dummy cctv camera, you are attempting to stop the crime before it happens, which will give you peace of mind.


dummy-security-camera-with-blinking-led-thinkgeek-2Real security camera systems can be relatively expensive but if you are in the market for a security camera system and you are on a limited budget don’t despair there could be an answer out there for you. Fake security cameras, also known as dummy security cameras are more affordable than real CCTV security cameras and are still an excellent deterrent for criminal behaviour. Criminals know that fake security cameras exist, but the problem for them is that dummy security cameras are astonishingly identical to real cctv cameras, with security sticker, authentic power cable, flashing led lights and real lenses you can even get perimeter warning stickers to put up around your property or business to make the camera even more realistic these cameras are made for in and outdoors and have a striking similarity to real security cameras.

Usually camera positioning would be discrete but with a fake CCTV security camera it would be the complete opposite. Fake cameras would be positioned in the most obvious position to gain maximum attention. By letting the criminals see the fake CCTV security camera you will create doubt in their minds and this should be enough to make them think again. Fake CCTV security cameras can be used for both domestic and commercial use, looking over car lots, back yards and so on. These cameras can be  easily mounted by anyone  who can use a drill and screwdriver, using only two screws and a mounting bracket your fake cctv camera could be up and ‘running’ in couple of minutes.

They are powered with three “AA” batteries which can last up to two years. Fake cameras come in all the usual real camera guises, from the big brother type to the indoor dummy dome camera. So if you feel the need for some extra piece of mind but do not have the budget to stretch for a real security camera system this may be an alternative option

Install a swimming pool safety net this summer for peace of mind

pool safety netMany swimming pool safety nets are simple to DIY install.  You need a net that is just small enough so that the head of a toddler can’t fit through – 4 inches say – but isn’t so small that it looks safe enough to walk on.  You know the kind of things that I am talking about.  If you look at even the thinnest meshes it appears to the mind that it is quite solid to walk on, you might even test your weight on it!  Many of these safety nets for pools are made out of tough nylon cord, and if the mesh size is too small then you might just risk it.  Certainly a toddler who is unaware of the dangers will!

What you need is something that LOOKS as though it will be difficult to walk on.  Ideally it should even feel difficult to crawl on, so going for one which is made of an abrasive material is important.

Then next thing you need to consider is shrinkage or expansion.  The anchor points are designed so that it is impossible for under 12’s to remove it, so once they are in, they are in.  But if the net shrinks you will crack the moorings, and if it expands it might provide enough gap for a child to crawl under like a cargo net to access the water surface.  You also need them to be made from a material that isn’t going to be weakened by prolonged exposure to UVA light from the sun, heat, or even the chlorine you put in the pool.  In fact with the right net you can continue to treat your pool without ever having to remove it.

Some pool nets come with a portable roller system which is ideal.  Pull it out, roll it back up again.  Nice and easy storage for when you want to be by the pool, or at least you can keep a watchful eye out on your children.

Nets and other safety devices aren’t hard to fit, and will keep your kids safe this summer, so really it’s worth looking into.

Small Digital Key Cabinets For The Home

key_cabinetIf you are looking for a way to make your house a little more secure without spending a lot of money then you might want to think about installing a small digital key cabinet outside your home for use by yourself and your family and friends. For people who have a habit of leaving keys under plant pots or under mats to let people into your home then taking this step is the best thing you could do to prevent a burglar gaining entry to your property. Remember that thieves no all the tricks you use to hide keys from them so any time you have one laying around unsecured you are posing a security risk.

A security key safe is a box that you install in an inconspicuous place outside your home where you can place your keys so that either yourself or anyone you want can get access to your home when there is no one else at home. The digital version is perhaps the most useful and just requires the user to remember a code which is inputted into the keypad and a door opens revealing the keys, nothing could be simpler.

You don’t have to worry about a burglar getting into the box because they are really built to last, especially if you get one that have been made by a quality manufacturer such as the frostfire mooncode. The thief would have an easier time breaking directly into your home than finding the box and smashing it open to get at your keys.

If you have a large family and don’t want to do to the hassle of getting keys cut for everyone so they can get in when they come to visit and your not at home then the key safe is the perfect answer to your problems. It is easy to find one that is suitable from a home hardware store for under $50, and you should have no trouble installing it yourself.

Biometric Door Locks

Until recently, biometric door locks were something out of a science fiction novel or movie. Technology has now advanced to the point where fingerprint identification is more common and can be integrated into home or business security systems. Security of your home or any other place you have a key for is not fully safe until you have a biometric door lock installed. With crimes being a part of our world, on everyone’s mind is how to keep themselves and their families safe. Deadbolts and chains aren’t going to keep a predator out of your home, but that new lock you saw on the internet that uses fingerprints to open will. In the past have you ever lost a key or had to change your lock for another reason? Say goodbye to those days! With this product you will never have that problem.

This product has so many added bonuses too. This product has features that allow you to load multiple fingerprint patterns, and even view who came and went and what times. Worried about power bills? Don’t! The lock works with few batteries and has an amazing life expectancy. Not only is the product convenient and never has to be replaced, but your security and your personal belongings will finally be protected technology, and there’s just no way around that. The door handle is even removable to be more geared toward what handed user you are (right or left). The system is installed with a backup so if anyone other than the allowed user tries to access your finger pad, they will be locked out in more ways that one! You can even delete users you no longer what allowed to access your home or place of business. Visit biometric door lock for more information. You may also be interested in motion detector alarm information as well.

Best Home Security Signs

Home security signs and stickers are inexpensive options to ensure your home security when you can’t afford to make the expensive changes to your home required to actually install a full blown system. A home security sign can be and is often as simple as a plastic sign taped to your front door or on your privacy fence which says “Beware of Dog”. In many instances of your home has randomly been chosen by a would be burglar having a sign up may be all you need in order to keep them away from your home. If a criminal is determined though security signs home will not be enough to keep them away because they will have watched your house for quite some time in order to learn as much about you as possible so they can ensure the quick safe entry and clear escape.

If you don’t own a dog and you can’t afford a full blown security system then you may want to consider putting up home security system signs which are signs that declare that your home is protected by a specific type of well known security system. For example I have seen signs in yards which say “This home is protected by ADT.” Very similar to a security sign for home is a home security sticker. A home security sticker serves the same sort of role as a sign, it will help deter a would be thief before they attempt entry into your home. Here again, most of the time a home security sticker will come along with the installation of an actual home security system, but there are also individual stickers available. The added benefit of these is that signs and stickers are usually visible from the street. Feeling safe in your home is a very good feeling no matter what is used to protect it and you family.

Home security signs and stickers are inexpensive options to ensure your home security when you can’t afford to make the expensive changes to your home required to actually install a full blown system. A home security sign can be and is often as simple as a plastic sign taped to your front door or on your privacy fence which says “Beware of Dog”. In many instances of your home has randomly been chosen by a would be burglar having a sign up may be all you need in order to keep them away from your home.

If a criminal is determined though security signs home will not be enough to keep them away because they will have watched your house for quite some time in order to learn as much about you as possible so they can ensure the quick safe entry and clear escape.

If you don’t own a dog and you can’t afford a full blown security system then you may want to consider putting up home security system signs which are signs that declare that your home is protected by a specific type of well known security system.

For example I have seen signs in yards which say “This home is protected by ADT.” Very similar to a security sign for home is a home security sticker. A home security sticker serves the same sort of role as a sign, it will help deter a would be thief before they attempt entry into your home.

Here again, most of the time a home security sticker will come along with the installation of an actual home security system, but there are also individual stickers available. The added benefit of these is that signs and stickers are usually visible from the street. Feeling safe in your home is a very good feeling no matter what is used to protect it and you family.

Outdoor Security Cameras Are Job One in Security

Job one is feeling secure and safe in your home.  We’ll show you how outdoor security camera systems or security monitoring companies can be a big benefit to your home security.  You can overspend easily on buying these products if you lose track of your goal.  Having the right kinds of questions you will want to ask, will go a long way to helping you save your money and make your home secure.

No matter where you look you will see crime stories.  Car thefts, home invasions, and break ins, there are stories like this everywhere in the news.  You want to be safe and its not just a personal need.  An ideal less expensive way to be safe at home is by using outdoor security camera systems.

You want to raise the level of concern the bad guy has when he thinks about breaking in to your home.  The goal is a high deterrent level.  Home security systems are designed to threaten the bad guy.  We want him to think he might be caught if he comes after your belongings.  Law enforcement will tell you there’s little to prevent a determined attack.  That’s not what we are trying to do.  We want to encourage the bad guy to find another place that is not ours for his dirty work.

There are a lot of choices in outdoor security cameras.  Focusing on the goal and not the technology will save you money.  You can get any manner of great quality cameras based on their technical specs.  You do not need the fancy gear.  Your goal with a home security system powered with outdoor security cameras is deflection.  You are not trying to get a picture ready for the evening news, you just want the bad guy to go somewhere else.  You can do that with far less than the most expensive top of the line equipment.

As long as you keep the goal in mind, you will save your cash and be more secure.  Consider an outdoor security camera system as a primary effort in keeping your belongings and your family safe.

Using Solar Lights Effectively

The huge improvements that have been made in solar garden lights in recent years are nothing short of amazing for people who are trying to light their landscapes.  Just a few short years ago solar lights only worked under the best of circumstances.  In the winter months or on overcast days, many of the light fixtures would dim or even completely turn off before the night was over.  But now, with newer, more effective solar cells and batteries, solar lights can work in many areas where they couldn’t before.  If you want to make the most of your solar garden lights, make use of some of these easy tips.

One thing that outdoor solar lighting allows you to do is avoid having to use a professional landscape designer.  In traditional landscape lighting design, you have to place a transformer somewhere in your yard and determine where to run cables from there.  Because of this, wherever you placed lights tended to be pretty permanent.  If you wanted to move the lights you would have to move the cables or possibly even buy a new transformer or call an electrician to move it.

Now, instead of hiring someone else, the ease of installation of solar powered lights allows you to place them where you want and if you don’t like the way they look or they don’t work as well as they might somewhere else, you simply move them.  This removes a lot of the hassle from laying out your design scheme.

If you are trying to effectively use solar lights, also make sure not to skimp and buy cheap lights.  Cheap lights have longevity issues and use cheaper, less advanced solar cells and batteries that can result in the lights being dimmer and not lasting the whole night.  If you really want to make the most of your lighting system, buy some more expensive lights now as an investment and enjoy them for years to come instead of saving a few dollars now and being upset with your purchase later.

Today’s solar garden lights are a very efficient and cost-effective way to light your lawn.  Advanced solar cells and batteries can charge the lights up so that they stay lit all night long, removing many of the problems older models had.  Use quality lights and your imagination to place the lights for the most effectively lighting in your garden.

Why You Can’t Beat a Winchester Gun Safe For Home Security

Ok, I’m going to come out right now and tell you – I lied.  You technically can beat a Winchester gun safe, but not for the price.  Though they haven’t been making safes the whole time, Winchester has been in the firearms business since 1866.  This has not only given them the incomparable insight that they have to produce firearms, but it gives them the know how to protect them.  Winchester gun safes are manufactured by a Texas company called Granite Security products, and for the neighborhood of $1500 you can get your self one heck of a steel box.

Winchester offers several models in their repertoire, including the EVault series which is a line of pistol safes, but the ones that I’d mainly like to discuss are their Tradition, Legend, and Legacy models.  Though the degree is variable, every one of these safes offers fire protection.  The Tradition offers 30 minutes, the Legend offers 45, and the Legacy model offers a full hour of fire resistance.  They also offer space for high gun capacity.  When you take all of the shelves out, the Legacy 45 can store 51 rifles and shotguns.

Where I think they really shine, however, is in the security department.  While I’m not going to say that they’re totally theft proof, they are built to hold their own against pry, drill, and punch attacks from burglars trying to gain unwanted access.  The aforementioned Legacy 45 is nearly 1000 lbs and can be anchored to the floor which makes this beauty extremely difficult to tip over for a pry attack.  Even if the burglar were to knock this beast to the ground, he would encounter a formidable road block in the safe’s 18 1 1/2″ steel bolts, and four active locking points.

There are definitely safes out on the market built bigger, stronger, and with more security engineering, but Winchester safes stand out with their value.  Ranging anywhere from $700-$1500, you are going to be very hard pressed to find another safe on the market with the security and fire protection offered in this price range.