Shade Sail Repairs for Common Damages

Purchasing a shade sail is an investment that needs taking care of. It is not uncommon that it will need some shade sail repairs for cuts, tears or rips from the wind or falling branches. Sometimes the damage is easy enough to repair by the owner; though other times, the damage is too severe that an expert is needed to repair it.

Knowing what to do in cases like this is crucial to the owner because if the damage is not dealt with immediately, it may worsen. Here are several tips on how to make simple repairs for owners of a damaged shade sail.

What are the Common Damages incurred by a Shade Sail?

  • Sagging: When sagging happens, it means that the canvas is not tensioned properly. The fabric sags due to leaves or branches that fall on it. They cause the tension of the canvas to loosen due to their weight.
  • Tears or Frays: Tears or frays happen due to the weight of the objects that fall on the canvas. The wind can also cause small tears or frays that can develop to bigger tears and will be very expensive to fix or replace.
  • Cuts or Abrasions: When the canvas gets cut by sharp objects from branches or even the posts themselves, they should have immediate attention so that they will not get worse.

What are the Common Repairs for the Common Damages incurred by Shade Sails?

There are several ways of repairing the damages incurred by the canvas of a shade sail. One sure way of dealing with the damages is to have them fixed by a professional or the manufacturer of the canopy. Another less expensive way is to repair the damage by doing it yourself. The following tips below are the proper ways of maintain and repairing the damages of the shade sail.

  1. Adjustments: The best way to fix sagging canvases is to monitor the canvas from time to time. If the canvas becomes a little too loose, then re-tensioning is the proper way to have them fixed. The proper way of tensioning the fabric back to its original state is by carefully doing it so that the fabric will not tear or get ripped.
  2. Stitching: Although stitching is best done by professionals, it can also be done by the owners of the canvas. Professionals usually use specialized threads to patch up the tears. These threads will lessen the creases and will prevent more tears and frays on the fabric.
  3. Patch-Ups: Patch-ups will help mend the holes of the canvas done by branches or the wind. If the hole is too large, it is better to have a professional get a look at it. Sometimes, having a professional take a look at it will improve the chances of the canvas to be properly repaired.

Prevention and monitoring will still prove to be the best way to avoid costly repairs. A shade sail will be at its best functional self if it is maintained well.

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