Popular Fan Looks For Outdoor Ceiling Fans

A hot summer can make spending time outdoors feel more like a punishment than a way of relaxing.  No matter how well you have your porch or patio set up, a hot day can make that space completely unusable.  With an outdoor fan, you can add just enough of a breeze to make some of those hot days feel a little bit more inviting.  Outdoor ceiling fans come in designs built to fit in with almost any home style, so you should always be be able to find the best outdoor ceiling fans for you.

Popular Outdoor Ceiling Fan Options:

Fans That Include Lighting – Getting lights on an indoor fan is generally a non-issue, but outdoor ceiling fans aren’t quite that simple. The outdoor options that come with lights are generally damp rated, which means they are safe underneath a covering like a covered porch or patio with an awning.  Some waterproof lighted options exist, but the price is generally much higher when compared to waterproof outdoor ceiling fans without lights.

Tropical Ceiling Fans For OutsideTropical style ceiling fans that uses large blades in natural materials to push air at a slower speed than standard fans has gained quite a bit of popularity for outdoor use.  These fans can work pretty well for many areas, but make sure you choose a fan that comes with more than three or four blades to get the best cooling results.

Unusual Modern Outdoor Fan Styles – If you are interested in having a more modern look outside, consider one of the many outdoor ceiling fan options done in modern or contemporary styles.  If these options keep a standard form factor they should be perfectly capable of cooling your space just as well as any fan.  If you notice an unusual shape, try to see it in action before you make a purchase to make sure it will work well.

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