Patio Roofs and Covers

Choosing to build a patio in your yard is a great way to increase your living space by moving it outdoors. With the right patio cover or patio roof, it becomes a part of the garden area, with plants, art work and lighting to provide a wonderful entertainment area for your family and friends.

There are different types of styles to choose from. Start with the post. Choose iron, wood or plastic in any style you like. With iron post or the right wood post you can train vines up them for a Roman beauty and fun design. This is a popular way to go with your pergola, trellis or arbor as well.

Photo By: Luis Tamayo

If you live near the beach or lake, or you just dream of living near the shore, choose a sail for your patio cover. It is a billowy and beautiful cover to protect your from UV rays and provide a soft light. These shade sails are made popular from Down Under, the Australians have brought us this design. It can be mounted to the home or a stand alone pole or other patio structure.

Using metal poles and a solid patio roofs adds a permanent feel to your patio. It can be used in any type of weather at any time of the year. On cold nights, you can set up a small heater for your feet and enjoy watching the stars change through the night. This heat source could be a portable patio fireplace or a more commercial-style patio heater that you’d find at your local bar’s outdoor patio space. These can truly cast a warm glow for up to a 10’ swing around.

There are so many ways to create a wonderful patio. Once you add one to your home, you will love the extra room and the outdoor feel of fresh air, sun light and happy times together with your family. This is made even more possible with the other patio accessories that the proper roof and cover allow.

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