Outdoor Fireplaces and the Joy they Bring

Ever wanted to take a little mini vacation, but can’t ever find the funds or extra time? Maybe life is just too busy to take some much needed time off. A little getaway is now not so far away. In fact, it could be right in the backyard!

Outdoor chiminea are an affordable way to make a backyard a weekend (or anytime) retreat. They can be purchased at home improvement outlets or online. Basically, there are two main types of outdoor fireplaces the fire pit and the chiminea. Fire pits are a small metal pit which when the kindling is lit produces an open flame. Fire pits can be a great way to cook over an open fire, and are a great hit at backyard parties. They generally do not take much room, and are ideal for those who have a smaller space to work with. Some models may come with a chimney which assists in keeping smoke filtered. An outside fire pit is an affordable, yet enjoyable investment.

A chiminea is different in design and function than fire pits. They are front loading, and their chimney design helps clean air to be filtered throughout the area. They are clean burning, efficient, and the way they enclose the fire can protect people and property. Chimineas are made out of many materials such as clay, sheet metal, cast iron, copper, sheet aluminum, stainless steel, and cast aluminum. Clay chimineas are popular, but they require intensive care. Sheet metal is a step up, but is prone to rust. If buying one of these cheaper makes, make sure the fire pit is covered when not using. Cast iron, copper, sheet aluminum, and stainless steel are of medium make, and are relatively affordable. Cast aluminum is a pricier make, but if looking for a longer life span and minimum maintenance, cast iron is the way to go. Less likely to rust, and may only require a recoat of high temperature safe paint every few years.

Chimineas and fire pits can add to the value of a backyard or patio. Both are affordable. They can provide both joy and a chance to just kick back and relax.

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